Oh yeah… THIRTY-SIX rows today

Today I scripted, pencilled, inked, and then colored a full nine-row week of Schlock Mercenary. Theoretically this has always been possible, since the average amount of time spent on any given row only adds up to about 10 hours of work for 36 of them. I’ve never actually cranked a complete week in one day, though.

But today I did. Now I’ll be the first to concede the possibility that it’s not my best work, and that it’s not the hardest-hitting Schlock week out there, but it’s far, far, far from my worst work — even my worst RECENT work, and the Sunday strip’s coloring is some of my best.

So, the score… 79 rows to go, and 6 days to go ’em in.

Unfortunately 4 of those six days are looking like they’ll be half-days at best (Daddy-daughter campout this Friday evening through Saturday Morning, and then a church BBQ Saturday evening, and then church work next Tuesday, and departure next Wednesday), so from a count-the-actual-hours perspective, I’m probably only looking at 4 days for those 79 rows.

26 of the rows remaining are Bonus Story Coloring, which is the shortened form of “difficult and time consuming work spent with my kiester nailed to the chair in front of my computer.” I’ll be starting those tomorrow. Theoretically, that’s about 14 hours of solid work. Let’s see how long 14 hours takes.

5 thoughts on “Oh yeah… THIRTY-SIX rows today”

  1. At 6+ years of un-interupted strips (I recall you being late once, and THAT was because of the site, and 100% beyond your control), I think your fans will forgive aweek that’s not quite so action-packed…

    Besides, I’m willing to bet money that most of your fans (the ones like me who know nothing of art or drawing) would be hard pressed to notice where this “not Howard’s best” run is..

  2. Sounds like things are actually coming along really nicely. Good luck and keep up the awesome work!

    Oh, and since I’ve never said it before, thanks for Schlock – it’s a really good strip which I enjoy daily. Finally got through all the archives. Heh.

      1. Don’t worry, I read/see fast so it was only 20 hours – only half a work-week and well worth it.

        I mean, don’t tell my girlfriend I said that or anything, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

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