22 Rows today – Bonus Story is inked!

I scripted, pencilled, and inked the last of the Bonus Story for Schlock Mercenary: The Blackness Between today. It’s more violent than the last bonus story. four of the eight pages have some sort of weapon discharge depicted, and of the four non-firing pages, only one of them doesn’t have a weapon being drawn or brandished.

There is BLAM. There is Omminous Hummmm. I haven’t colored them yet, but when I do there will be THOOOOM.

By the way, 8 rows of work I thought I’d be doing isn’t on my plate anymore. The Bonus Story topped out at 30 strips, not 32.

The score, then, is 115 rows to go, and 8 days left. I’m more than halfway there – backtracking through the scorecards, I started this with 264 rows on my plate. In 8 workdays I’ve pencilled, inked, scripted, or colored 141 rows (and decided not to do 8).

(I would be much happier if this work-to-do counter included the cover and the huge pile of needed marginalia. I refuse to distract myself just yet, though.)

4 thoughts on “22 Rows today – Bonus Story is inked!”

  1. Y’know, I didn’t realize how much I missed the THOOOOM until you brought it up. That should be in the advertising for the book. “Schlock Mercenary: The Blackness Between. We gots THOOOOM!”

  2. Not meaning to sound snarky, but your work over the past several days presents an interesting opportunity for you, methinks.

    Once you’ve recovered from the ‘con, and this burst of activity (How long does it take your hand to recover?), you could set aside one week a month (or so), and do a month’s worth of strips in a week. Or whatever – 265-odd strips in a couple weeks would do wonders for your buffer…


    1. Don’t think for a moment that I haven’t noticed this. When I’m under pressure, or sufficiently motivated, I can work quickly and “densely” (packing lots of quick work into lots of long hours). It is both exhausting and exhilarating.

      This is the longest I’ve ever been able to keep up this kind of output, but this is not the last time I’ll do this.


    2. Note, however, that it’s not 265 STRIPS. It is 265 ROWS, which (by my own terminology) means about 60 strips. One week of Schlock Mercenary is 36 “rows” of work — 9 strips scripted, pencilled, inked, and colored.

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