I visited Novell today

My friend Jason invited me out to lunch, and we ate at the Novell cafeteria. It may sound cheap and cheesy, but the freshly-grilled, hand-made-today patty on my burger was delicious. Seriously, it’s one of the best burgers I’ve had.

After lunch we wandered the halls in Building H for a little bit, and I handed out some damaged copies of Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management. These were copies with bent bindings, crimped corners, or gobbets of glue stuck to them. Each case of 90 books has two or three that are like this, and when I catch ’em I make sure to toss ’em into the damaged book box.

One of the books went to my friend Ted Haeger, who was the inspiration for Reverend Theo Fobius. Ted has since changed his hairstyle, and I haven’t seen him in wraparound glasses in forever, but he’s just as irreverent as I remember. The book totally derailed his day… especially the fact that the Reverend was on the back cover. Yes, Ted knew I was modeling a character after him. It’s one of the only cases, perhaps THE only case, where I’ve been so blatant.

Anyway, the walkabout was fun. My friends appear to be doing well, and that makes me happy.

Granted, it doesn’t make me as happy as “Howard doesn’t have to work for Novell anymore” does, but I’m open-minded enough to be happy for them AND happy for me.


3 thoughts on “I visited Novell today”

  1. ^.^ (that doesn’t come out quite so well in this font as it does in Arial! Oh well…. )

    I know what you mean, Howard –there’s a lot of fun to be had in watching your friends’ reactions when you go “boo!”. No pic of said gent’s reaction?

  2. I think it’s pretty nifty that you keep the slightly damaged books to give to folks, and that you saved one for your inspiration.

    I also think it’s pretty darn cool that you get to have the “Howard doesn’t have to work for Novell” moments. I also think I’m slightly jealous, but then.. well, darnit, I love my job, so only a little 🙂

  3. Funny…

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but one of the local shops (best known for making pretty good shakes), makes their burgers without any bonding agent (such as eggs). The result is that the meat is loose on the bun, but piled and mixed with liquid cheese.

    If you’ve had it, I’d like your perspective.

    And you couldn’t really call yourself a friend if you didn’t like him doing well, so that works out nicely. Wave at him for me.

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