I hiked.

My cousin wls_xenolith and I went on a hike this afternoon. It was only a mile and a half (one way), but it ascended 1,065 feet.

Then we went on the Timpanogas Cave tour. And then we came back down.

I’m tired. But I think I might not be sick anymore. Ratcheting my heart rate clear up to 180 in sunny weather may have convinced my body that we’re serious about this whole “get well soon” thing.

Also, I need a shower. And I need to post pictures (from the hike. Not the shower.)


7 thoughts on “I hiked.”

  1. I don’t want to be the kind of guy who makes the joke about wanting Howard-Showered Pics, but the fact of the matter is that its late, and I’m tired, and I’m sufficiently amused by the wordplay of Howard-Showered that I’ll instead mentioned that I’m not that kind of guy in order to bring it up.

    This is a cheap yet effective tactic.

      1. Mine is a nible, clever, and obsessive LJ-Friends Page CNTRL-R.

        I’m thinking about having my left pinky and middle finger bonded in lucite. You know, until I realize it costs hundreds of dollars and renders them inoperable.

        Did I mention that it was late, and I was tired, and easily amused?

        1. Well, I saw the entry before you posted … but I didn’t have enough wit to come up with anything at the moment and let it percolate …

          But in those few minutes of percolation …

          You struck!

          And I became just another statistic that you’ve triumphed over.

  2. Howard,

    My wife, , has taken me up to the Timp Caves and she wishes me to relay her condolences about the hike as well as her congratulations on completing it.

    Did you get any photos of the fault the goes through one of the bits of mountain on the way up? I remember touching the material inside and thinking ‘Hmm, powdered mountain, just add….?’


  3. Hiking is cool –

    Just wanted to say that I finally got my hands on the sketched copy of your book (not through any fault of yours or mail, I changed locations a few times) and it is totally awesome. Thanks again!

  4. Figures, whatever bug was inhabiting your system had to live off your body’s resources… so stress your body, make those resources scarce and you starve it out, or weaken it enough at least that your immune system takes it down.

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