Signing Things

I signed a bunch of books this evening. I learned that when I have somebody “feeding” me (keeping me supplied with books to sign, and whisking away the ones I’m done with) I work about 50% faster. On my own I can do two boxes an hour, which comes out to 180 books every sixty minutes, or 3 books a minute. With help, I can do three boxes an hour, which is 270 books in 60 minutes, or 4.5 books per minute.

Both of those rates are sustainable, and include a ten- or fifteen-minute break each hour.

Anyway… as of right now 990 books are signed, and 16 books are “unfit for paying customers.” Three of these were damaged by the forklift, and most of the rest had binding glue bits stuck to the cover. One, however, was just downright defective, with the binding half-off and the cover only partially baked. That one I’m going to save as an example of what happens when the QC guy is asleep on the job.

So… tomorrow at least 990 orders will get shipped (yes, we’re starting with the single-book orders), and we’ll PROBABLY manage to ship everything that doesn’t require a sketch, which means all but about 250 of our 1600 packages.

The planned schedule: wake up around 8:00am, eat breakfast, have the chiropractor tweak me back into position, and then hit the Keep around 10:00 or 10:30am, at which point I’ll start autographing. I expect to be done with the signings by 3:00pm, at which point I’ll take a quick nap, and then bounce back and start sketching.

I’m looking forward to the sketching. Scribbling my extended initials has gotten a little dull.

7 thoughts on “Signing Things”

    1. Re: Dull?

      Well not ANYTHING, I mean there is this bar at the end of my cage that when I hit it it drops a food pellet and sprays a little white powder up my nose. That never gets dull.

  1. Your defective books are still better than the Flint book we found – it was missing the last thirty pages for no apparent reason.

    Naturally, we unloaded it onto Dan Shive. Sucker.

  2. Sketches

    When you do the sketches, will you know who’s book you’re doing at the time, or will we be getting random stuff?

    1. Re: Sketches

      If I know you, It’ll be less random. I’m having the “feeder” (the person feeding me books) read off the name on the sketch envelope. But most of them will be fairly random, since I do not know everybody who reads my comic.

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