Good Things

Good things from yesterday… things that brought me joy:

1) The massage I got at the Therapeutic Massage Center in downtown Provo. It’s on the same block as Dragon’s Keep, and my massage therapist is a regular there. She totally fixed my neck.

2) Addams Family Values. Sandra and I own this one on VHS, and watched it while she filled out customs forms. I laughed out loud. I can’t think of a performance in that film that isn’t spot-on brilliant. The only part I don’t like is the stupid rap music they played in the closing credits.

3) Getting some work done. Not tons — I scripted a week and pencilled 6 days, which is good, but I could have done better. Still, 15 rows of work is better than my average.

4) Laughing until I cried while at the Keep. Shaggy and I were filmed last Tuesday for “Spotlight Provo,” which is one of those municipal cable-access shows. Most of it was beyond lame, but the segment on Dragon’s Keep was pretty good. Mostly I was laughing at Shaggy, though. Oh, BOY did they pick a winner of a soundbite.

(I’m trying to get permission to rip and post that particular segment… we’ll see what happens.)

10 thoughts on “Good Things”

  1. One of the most bizarre things…

    … about the Addams Family movies is that the Addamses REALLY ARE one of the nicest, most well-adjusted, supportive, HEALTHY families we have ever seen on any American movie. Aside from their difficulty in quite grasping the fragility of us poor ordinary people, they’re some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.

    (And I STILL want to write, or see written, the Addams Family/Harry Potter crossover. Imagine Gomez doing one of his cheerfully over-the-top backflipping greetings to his old friend Dumbledore… and how Wednesday would rule Slytherin with an iron fist. (I think Pugsley would probably end up a Hufflepuff, myself…))

    1. Re: One of the most bizarre things…

      re: the family itself, I was just thinking the same thing. The Addams Family will accept you as you are. They will rejoice in your accomplishments (“probation!”) and even read you “The Cat in The Hat.”

      Poor Debbie Jellinski. She fit right in, and she didn’t even know it.

  2. Try to find a card game named: Gloom
    It is really Addam Family-esque. The point of the game is to torture your family members before you kill them off and try to make positive happy things happen for your opponents family members. And while you do that you can make up stories as to why your family member has been cursed by the queen and fell in love by the lake and then baked in a pie.
    Love it!

  3. Masseusse?

    I’m fairly certain you saw a massage therapist and not a masseuse. Masseuse has a certain connotation that most massage therapist’s don’t really appreciate. I guess they would prefer their clients relax, not get excited.

  4. It’s been ages since I’ve seen either of the Addams Family movies. And I must agree with everyone here in saying that the Addams’ (and the Munsters) are probably the most well adjusted and healthy families ever shown on screen. Sure they’re a bit weird but thats one of their biggest charms and of course why they’re able to take normal but serious problems people face daily and make them funny.

    Damn shame we don’t see television like that anymore.

    1. Healthy Marriage

      One of the things I love(d) about the Addams Family was that Morticia and Gomez were still hot for each other after several years of marriage and two children. Very few media couples in sit-coms then or now (even in today’s “promiscuous” times) evidence that level of married passion and each partner’s delight in it.

      “Tish! You spoke French!”

  5. I own several of the original New Yorker books of The Addams Family (Black Maria, My Family, etc).

    I can tell you right now that the TV show Gomez Addams (John Astin) was probably closer to the original than the more recent movies.

    One drawing that sticks in my mind is a moving van next door to the Addams, obviously moving in. Uncle Fester is standing on a stepladder, sharpening the tines of the iron fence. (Getting ready for ‘neighborly visits’, I’d assume)


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