Prepping for Penguicon

Yesterday was devoted to preparations for Penguicon. I’m pretty sure I’m ready now. My bags are packed, and they’re in the car.

Oh, and my stomach is threatening to secede.

See, I found out I’m on the “hot sauce tasting” panel, and I realized that I’m not “in training” at the moment. My p-gates are wide open, fully stocked with the neurotransmitter that tells my brain I have something too hot in my mouth.

So chalain and I went to lunch at the local Thai place with Rodney. I was going to order the five-star curry, but we got to talking with the waitress, and discovered that there are actually around 20 stars on that scale. There’s no point trying to train yourself for hot food in one go, and not going for something actually HOT. I had the five-star last week and never broke a sweat.

This time I broke a sweat. I also made the mistake of eating quickly, and not fully chewing all those fresh peppers. Now I’m busy depleting p-trans throughout my tract, which means that this morning my stomach feels like I drank a barrel of boiling oil. Fortunately I’ve been here before and I know that no actual damage is being done — there are some nerves firing, and the signals they send are worrisome, but I happen to know who pulled the fire-alarm.

Punk kid.

Anyway, I’ve just bounced up to about 75% of my usual training level. Bottled hot sauces are not likely to give me any measure of grief come Saturday.


8 thoughts on “Prepping for Penguicon”

    1. I have/had Tom Lehrer’s The Year that Was CD. That is some funny stuff. New Math is fun, but I liked the one where Alabama got the Bomb the best 😀

  1. One of these days, after I am able to leave the state and not have nurses wonder where I am, I suspect that I’m going to have to see about these infamous capacities for capsaicin by visiting Utah. I’m sure I can come to some agreement with the Roomie and one of our former houseguests, and I can see what can be done with a handy crock pot or two.

    The amusement factor is a strong one, especially with my reputation.

  2. One of my insane coworkers, drank a bottle of hot sauce, as a cute for the flu. Then again he eats Subway with sweet chilli sauce and hapilino (sp?) peppers.

  3. After reading your open letter on Schlock Mercenary, I decided to visit to check it out. It just presents an error message and says the site will be shut down in 24 hours or so. What’s up?

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