I did a little pencilling at the Keep today. Janice was helping Jason stuff the holds, Bradley was keeping the couch rooted to the floor, Ari was chowing down on Cheap Chinese, and I was taking a break.

This nice gal, new to the place, began talking to us, mostly because Bradley and I were discussing the differences between monkeys and apes, and, you know… MONKEYS. It’s a conversation you have to get in on.

Naturally it led from there to ninjas, swords, and baboons. And the new girl identified herself as “the one whose fiance kidnapped her.”

Ah, yes. Those were YOUR friends who came in here, changed into black coats and ski-masks, and then went next door. “We thought they were LARPers. At least, that’s the story we would have given the police.”

She explained that she was a little concerned at how she might be weird. After all, she and her fiance have swords adorning their walls.

We all had a nice chat, and then she headed back out into the world.

I told Janice (and the rest of the store, but I directed my comments at Janice):

“The good news is, she’ll fit right in around here. The bad news is, THIS is where she fits right in.”

Maybe that’s why I love the Keep so much. Weirdos, to the last.

25 thoughts on “Weirdos”

    1. Apparently not. I mean, yeah, I have two that are functional, one that WOULD be if I sharpened it (Windlass Steelcrafts makes great swords, but you have to put the edge on ’em yourself), and two or three others that are just for display. But not EVERYBODY likes having long, edgy sharps around the house.

  1. *pets his sword with the good high-carbon blade and gorgeous wood scabbard. And the bastard sword on the wall. And the daggers*

    There’s nothing at all wrong with having a few sharp and pointies about… ¬¬

  2. Poor girl has probably never been to a Con…
    That should be rectified. And all gamers are “weird,” the sad thing is that the weirdness is starting to become “mainstream.”

    Maybe I should start hanging out with the model train guys.

    1. Wierdness

      Hey, it’s perfectly feasible to be wierd in multiple ways. Personally, I’m wierd in the sci-fi, wargaming, and model trains manner.


    1. umm….

      Why? It’s pretty, kinda. It’s also pretty non-functional…

      In There Will Be Dragons by Ringo, there’s a throwaway line about a sculpture made of this kind of blade welded together…. Kind of the thing I’d imagine this to be most useful for…

        1. Re: umm….


          *shrug* Personally, I tend to find that ‘functional’ is ‘pretty’. But – it takes ALLLLLL types. *wry grin*


    2. wide photos annoying

      Wide photos in LJ comments are really annoying when they make the text width three times as wide as a typical browser window. It’s hard to read text when you have to stroll a page or two sideways to read each individual line.

      Would it be possible to edit your comment to use a smaller photo, or just a link to the photo?


  3. Sounds like a cool lady.

    One of my best friends arranged for a bunch of guys in armor to “kidnap” his wife from the wedding reception…

  4. I have a couple of blades, none longer than 18 inches (I’m not counting the ones shorter than 6. That fills a drawer or two).

    However, I _do_ have a half dozen firearms.

    Sheesh. Bringing a sword to a gunfight.


      1. Uh-huh. 😛

        We have 5 Katanas, but it just sort of happened… my wife and I used to play Legend of the Five Rings CCG, and we kept getting them as prizes for tournaments! The hazards of being too good at something silly. 🙂

      2. yeah, me too

        one each, both about useless (a cheezy display scimitar that looks like something a Shriner might be waving about and an ancient .22 revolver that belonged to my great-grandmother and would probably be more dangerous to the holder than the target, at this point.).

        i need one good sword.

        on the other hand, i’ve got blunt instruments galore. Stilson wrenches, baseball bats, lead pipes… (the only one i’ve had occasion to display in anger on more than one occasion was a 30″ aluminum bat that i’ve now had for 25 years – it does tend to make people calm down quickly, though.)

      3. Sharp things and firearms

        Must admit to a firearm-to-sharpie ratio of about 7-1, not counting the two leatherman tools, which one can arguably say are in fact tools. Of course in my book; shotguns count as tools, since pigeons and starlings need culling from time to time hereabouts.

        Kinetic selection pressure also doubles as a theraputic for me. Never pass up a good justification to take your favorite shotgun for a long walk.

        There is however a local shop that is taunting me by displaying a nice hand and a half sword that needs coveting.

  5. Me more than I personally can remember.
    My Wife, the historical fencer, plenty more.
    My 21 mo old son, a letter opener shaped like a great sword given to him by my father when he was only 10days old.

    Nope no swords/blades around here.

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