For the three days of LTUE I got up at 6am, made it to the symposium by 8am, and didn’t make it home again in the evening until around 8pm or later. I never got a nap, and went to bed each night with my brain spinning, threatening me with insomnia. A little melatonin ensured that I actually SLEPT between midnight and 6am the next day, and a little diet Dr. Pepper ensured that I stayed awake while at the symposium.

I was going to whine about this, until I realized that this is what some people do every day of their lives, only without the accolades and the whole “I’m enjoying my work” bit. This is why I need to be able to remain a cartoonist for the rest of my life. A little three-day taste of actual WORK, with the long hours, the fast food, and the commute is all I think I can take. Force me back into the traditional workplace where there are meetings and office politics on top of it all, plus the “no-end-in-sight” bit and I think I would wither and die.

Monday I’ve got piles of cartooning and book prep to do. And I’ve got about a month before I tackle my next 12- to 18-hour-per-day convention, which sounds about right. I can do this again, as long as I’ve got a month’s worth of daily naps and home-cooked food to shore me up.


3 thoughts on “Exhausted…”

  1. You know… you’re not helping my motivation to find gainful employment here!

    The more I read about people’s workplace experiances, the less I’m feeling like I want to do this! But dammit, I need an income!
    [I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go!]

    1. FWIW, if I had to go back to corporate work to feed the family, I’d do it. I’d even learn to like it. There was joy to be had at Novell. I’m sure I could find a place where my brand of marketing and leadership would be appreciated and rewarded.


      p.s. I need to stop blowing smoke up my own butt. It tickles.

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