The Morning Happy

People tell me Schlock brings them happiness in the morning. This is nice. But where am *I* supposed to get *MY* morning happy from?

Answer — Today I get it from Penny Arcade. (The permalink to today’s strip will likely be here)

And in a very related note, “It’s like drinking unicorn giggles” is the phrase that pays. Or at least it should be. If you’re running a radio station, please see to that.

13 thoughts on “The Morning Happy”

  1. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but the phrase…
    It’s like drinking unicorn giggles“…
    brings to mind something that’s like liquid bubblegum; pink, fizzy and sweet enough to induce terminal tooth decay at twenty paces!

    Not exactly a phrase that would convince me to buy something.

    1. That’s the point. It’s so obviously a corporate shill planting that review that it’s hilarious, especially as they could’ve been more subtle about it – and thus sounded like a real gamer, rather than a marketing drone attempting to keep his paycheck.

      Speaking of which, do you have “Attack of the Bacon Robots” yet, Howard? If not…. 😀

          1. I do… but if someone feels inclined to spend money on me, there are OTHER things on the wish list that I’d rather read than more Penny Arcade — like new John Ringo and Chris Bunch titles for starters.


          2. Chris Bunch ROCKS!
            Don’t mind Ringo either.
            Wish I had the funds to help! I love Shlock and have gotten a number of people hooked on the walking talking pile of po….uh…matter with a BIG plasma gun with the ominous huuuum.
            Much better than drinking unicorn giggles. *shudders* Give me an ominous huuuum any day!

  2. Since I live in Australia, I don’t get my schlock goodness until 3:30pm 🙂

    Schlock (3:30) and Sluggy (4ish.. but depends on if pete is sick or not) are the only two comics I check regularly. The others I check through RSS whenever I can be bothered but at least it keeps track of all the comics I’ve missed.

  3. Alas I cannot check PA. I am being refused. You have killed the PA machine, I hope you are happy my good mercenary, for you have done what slashdot could not 😀

    1. Shyeah, RIGHT. My server can stand up to a good wanging, or even a slashdotting (assuming bandwith holds up), but there’s no way I can deal out a server-killing Schlocking to the PA guys from my site, let alone from Live Journal.

      1. I know. But it’s still funny that when I go to read the main page (I saw the comic this morning) for news tonight, it was down. And it happend right after I saw your post. Made me smile 😀

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