I feel like I’m spamming my fans…

It’s true… I feel like I’m spamming my fans. There are, at last count, SEVEN places where I’m a major contributor and others are invited to comment. Including this one.

I just launched Blógünder Schlock, which is where all my “Open Letter” archives will end up. Right now you can find everything from the last two months (minus a couple of administrative posts), and if you feel so inclined, you can post comments.

Not that you’d want to though — you’ve said everything interesting that there was to say regarding most of that stuff. And that’s kind of why I feel like I’m spamming you.

Anyway, for the record, I’m now responsible for Blógünder Schlock, Chupaqueso.com (with jmaynard), this Live Journal, the schlocktroops LJ community, the Nightstar Schlock forum, the Blank Label Schlock forum and the Keenspot Schlock Forum.

Did I miss any?

Oh, yeah. The comic. I guess I’m responsible for that, too.

3 thoughts on “I feel like I’m spamming my fans…”

  1. If it’s any consolation, I only knew about a couple of those, and since you’re actually trying to segregate out the Cheesy Bits and the Bloggy Bits, it doesn’t seem like spammage to me at all.

    In general, I enjoy your words, find them a good read, and always want more. So for me at least, spam away!

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