jmaynard and I have conspired to create a one-stop source for all your chupaqueso references, and it is now live at Jay is putting up the hosting, and he and I will be sharing the job of providing content. I’m providing advertising (under the Schlock Mercenary account umbrella).

There’s not much out there yet. A quick FAQ, the Original Recipe, and some glorified test posts. There’s no window-dressing at all.

But it’s up and running. Now, when I talk about cheese, I’ll probably be linking you LJ’ers over to, or cross-posting.


UPDATE: Aaaand now it’s down, with “refusing connections”. Dunno what’s going on. I’ll let Jay field this one.

UPDATE AGAIN: Aaaand it’s back up. Yay!

13 thoughts on “Chupaqueso-dot-com!”

  1. I must admit it hasn’t quite propogated to my DNS server yet. Any chance you could post the IP, that I may partake of numerous recipes for my own experiments?

    Also, I must honestly suggest “On Food and Cooking”, as a book. I don’t have the Amazon link on hand, but as far as the /science/ of cooking goes, you could hardly do better.

  2. No idea why it broke, but it didn’t stay broken, so I’m happy.

    My goal for the day is to add a tutorial, complete with pictures. This is not as easy as it sounds.

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