Fie on thee, Technorati!

So, I’m doing the weekly ego-search over on Technorati, and I come across this blog in which the blogger says, in essence, “I read Howard’s LJ, but it’s right on the edge of me NOT reading it because I’m losing interest.”

And I thought about that. “Oh,” says me. “Maybe that’s because *I’M* losing interest.” You know, it’s hard to work up any sort of rant when you agree with the author you’re about to rant at. *sigh*.

It’s probably more of a “dry spell.” Oh, and I’ve been posting more regularly under the comic, too. And hey, Narnia opens tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “Fie on thee, Technorati!”

  1. Well, reading the open letter on your site, I have to say that my daughter would probably agree with you about the abomination the new Dukes of Hazzard movie is. She hasn’t seen it and won’t, because she’s found the original serious on CMT and is totally hooked on it.

    We’ve seen the Making of… special and she can’t even watch a commercial for the new one without ranting at the TV.

    Of all the shows I watched when I was young, I never thought that “The Dukes of Hazzard” would be the one my kids would enjoy the most. I guess this is another example of children doing their God-given duty to mess with their parents’ expectation. I am convinced that before they come to this world, they take notes of what preconceptions their parents have of parenthood and legacies. And after they’re born, they see how many they can shatter.

    That said, I adore my kids. I just acknowledge that it’s their duty to challenge my notions.

    1. I could tell exactly where the “unrated” material in the DVD version was inserted. It was awkward, inappropriate, and crass. I felt like it sullied my home.

      Okay, the special feature about launching cars was hilarious. The movie itself wasn’t too bad, outside of the “unrated” bits — I just wish I’d seen it in the theater, instead of on DVD.


      1. I’ll make that note.

        I have a friend who gets her movies from a place that edits out stuff like that. I’ve never bothered with it, since I usually try to avoid the worst stuff as it is and what little is in what I see, is usually germane to the plot. But if it’s being added just for cheesecake value, I would consider that service. I would have to ask her what it is first, though.

        But a lot of my daughter’s complaint is that she just doesn’t like Jessica Simpson. Catherine Bach is classy in her opinion, Jessica Simpson is not.

        And to think when I was in YWs, I thought Daisy was too revealing in her clothes…

        1. Amen to that. Daisy Duke was sweet, strong, gutsy, and attractive. Jessica Simpson played her like she was a tramp whose only asset was her a… um well you get the idea. Besides, Daisy had BROWN hair.

          1. “She’s just a stripper who can sing.” – paraphrased quote from my daughter.

            You would have agreed with a lot of her comments a couple of days ago when she saw that they were showing the making of the movie special again. She said the same things you just did and when she ran out of words to express her disgust, she started to harp on Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse being thin and the Duke boys being stupider.

            And honestly, after rewatching some of the episodes lately, I have to agree too. Catherine Bach played Daisy with a lot more dignity and intelligence. Even when she was influencing someone, you still got them impression that she still valued them as people. Pretty impressive feat to play a seductress with integrity, but I think it was because she had that sweetness to her. She wasn’t jaded and she honestly cared about other people.

  2. I quite like your blog. I’m yet to read your comic, but it’s on a list of “Comics I really have to read….when I get around to it.”

    No slight intended. You’re a webcomic god, from all accounts. I just literally haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      1. I like to digest a comic all at once, not in dribs and drabs. With 2000+ comics to go through, I want to put aside at least a day for this, which is time I don’t have.

  3. Just remember that you’re posting to live…journal. A journal is different from a blog or diary. It can be updated randomly and slowly or quickly and daily. It’s more a march of progression than a daily log or linkfest.

    Don’t worry about losing interest now, because it swings back up at another point.

    I have a friend who posts maybe… 5 times a year. Maybe a little more. Maybe a little less, depending on the year.

    Just don’t delete the journal because you think your interest is waning. You’ll eventually want to come back to it.

    – *long time journaler*

  4. Good luck on Narnia.

    I want to see it, but I’m deathly afraid to. It could be good, or I could be using the spork method of review.

    We’re going to see King Kong this weekend.

    1. Re: Good luck on Narnia.

      I was all hyped on it, then I heard it was a Disney flick, now I’m back to waiting for opinions before I see it…

  5. Oh, and RE your Open Letter…

    … Howard. “The Dukes of Hazzard”? *shakes head sadly* I mean, at the least you could raise your sights a bit to the level of “Three’s Company”, or if feeling ambitious “Charlie’s Angels”.

    1. Re: Oh, and RE your Open Letter…

      Hey, I LOVED the Dukes of Hazzard as a kid. There’s no way I was going to NOT watch the film… sadly, I wish now that I’d FOUND a way to not see it.


      1. Re: Oh, and RE your Open Letter…

        Like the two hours I spent watching Highlander 2. I got to see it on HBO for free (other people paying for cable) and I felt badly ripped off.

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