Hangin’ at the Keep

I had a great workday yesterday, and followed it up with a really lousy morning today. Finally, I decided I just needed to get “out of the box,” so I went down to Dragon’s Keep with my drawing stuff, and worked on artwork for cast pages.

It was fun. I knew a few of the people there (including the store owner and the regular staff, obviously), and they liked having me around. The rest of the patrons tolerated me with aplomb.

Mostly I drew and threw non-sequiturs into the conversations to which I was listening. I’m good at that. For instance: I kept quiet during the discussion of Michael’s ex-roommate’s friend and her bouts with the STD of the week, but when the conversation 30 minutes later turned to rock-climbing and the benefits of pants with a “gusseted crotch” I couldn’t help but throw a call-back to the previous conversation. Hilarity ensued.

I mention this (hanging out at Dragon’s Keep, not gusseted crotch and the associated home remedies) because I’ll probably do it again. It may end up being my default workplace on Friday afternoons, with an extension into RPGing in the evenings. We’ll see. I know I have work to do, and piles thereof, but having a planned night out may help get that work done more efficiently, what with the out-of-the-box thinking and the clearing-of-cobwebs.


5 thoughts on “Hangin’ at the Keep”

  1. Well, It also might help to give you a kind of weekend to look forward to…

    I mean, you have Sunday, but that’s different… That’s your faith.

    When you worked at Novel, you had an extra day for you. Draw, hang with the family, what have you…

    Now, with your “play” now being your “work”, it might just do you some good to have a day of relaxing…

  2. Definitely some brain time is a good thing. I used to call it a “mental health day”, and tried to take one at least monthly. Of course, I worked for an evil mega-corp, so what can you do?

    And the thought of Prangor with blackmail photos of a mud-covered Tagon is hilarious to no end. Bravo.

  3. update!

    I kept quiet during the discussion of Michael’s ex-roommate’s friend and her bouts with the STD of the week …

    Update! She’s pregnant again!

    (This is Michael, btw …)

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