I came downstairs to write about how much fun it was to make fried chicken, and ended up working instead.

That’s okay. The work needed to be done, and you guys can figure out how to make fried chicken on your own. Mostly I think this is a cool triumph of my easily-distracted nature. Instead of being distracted AWAY from work, I got distracted TOWARDS it.

The work in question? I needed to crank out a few more resolutions of the current desktop, and save the source file out in three different aspect ratios. As a result, the image below is now available as a desktop in several resolutions now. Paypal me a dollar or more from the button at schlockmercenary.com, and they’re all yours. And yeah, I can do new ones, too.

See? not only was I WORKING, but I was working on stuff that makes money.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the original marker art used in this piece, you can’t have it. My gallery agent informs me that it earned top-dollar in a small, private auction, and his been shipped to some coastal European town where it will live in the home of a private collector.

So… the fried chicken was really, good, but I’m not going to write about that.


17 thoughts on “Distracted…”

    1. Fried Chicken

      Two 4 tablespoons olive oil… Don’t use anything but Olive Oil… Yummy
      2 Chicken Breasts
      3 Onions sliced
      4 garlic cloves


      Mmmmmm Going to go make myself some right now.

      1. Re: Fried Chicken

        That’s how you fry chicken, but that’s NOT how you make “fried chicken.”

        I’ll post my deep-frying instructions later.


        1. Re: Fried Chicken

          You better, I was hoping to get a recipe outta this. Although I only fry chicken in preperation of adding copious amounts of my hot wing sauce to it.

      2. Re: Fried Chicken

        Well, yeah, that’s exactly how I make chicken now. It doesn’t get that really crunchy breading thing going on, though. 🙁

  1. Three different aspect ratios, or three different sizes?

    Can you, without undue extra work, do 1920×1200, with the Schlock logo starting no closer than 150 pixels from the left side?

    There’s a LITTLE bit of room in our budget for Schlock stuff now … 🙂

    1. I can do 1920×1200 that way, no problem. And yes, it’s three different aspect ratios (1:0.75, 1.25:1, 1.6:1). You’re looking for 1.6:1.


      1. Clarification: I’m doing it, but it’s not uploaded yet. If you donate and it’s not there, lemme know and I’ll hook you up when it’s ready.


          1. Sorry, they’re not. I’ll look into alternate colors, but I doubt we’ll be able to get anything like that done in time for Christmas.

            The 1920×1200 desktop is uploaded now, though.

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