Chupaqueso time!

I had a chupaqueso this evening. Mozzarella shell (standard low-skim/part-milk stuff, not fresh) and Mild cheddar filling. Thanks to a slight pan malfunction (I should have used the griddle) I overcooked the shell just a bit, but the end result was still delicious.

I shared a few bites with the children. Patches (the 2-year-old) asked his usual “Is it yum?” question. I said yes, and gave him some.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Chupaqueso,” I answered.

He gobbled his first bite down, chewing very thoroughly (cooked mozzarella can be like that).

“I want more chupaqueso”

He got two bites before I finished it off. He asked for more, and I held up my empty plate and announced “it’s all gone.”

“You need to have more” he told me.

“*I* need to have more? For me, or for YOU?” I looked over my glasses at him.

He scowled at me. Lucky for him, Sandra was in the mood to give it a shot, and she cooked while I moved on to other things.

16 thoughts on “Chupaqueso time!”

  1. By the time I got the chupaqueso cooked, Patches had also moved on to other things. This was probably good because I don’t seem to have any of the chupaqueso making magic. How is it possible for something to be simultaneously too hard and too rubbery? I don’t know, but I managed it.

      1. Alas, I doubt there’s going to be another Linucon. I’m 90% likely to move to Pittsburgh for a job, and Chase is as burned out as I was after year 1. Looks like it’s going to be permanently mothballed for lack of a con chair with the drive to pull it off.

        On the bright side, this means my attention goes back to Penguicon (which I’ll be within driving distance of, so I can potentially even attend some of the concom meetings). I’m going to try to get it over 1000 people for year 5.

        Now, getting Howard back to Penguicon with his frequent flyer miles running out, that’s going to be tricky. We’re pondering offering crash space to nifties, but this is not guaranteed and if it happens at all it’ll be 4 to a room…

  2. I made some for my girlfriend. She actually liked it. Of course this amazed me since she’s started Culinary School and started doing critiques of everything I cook.

  3. I made my first chupaqueso this morning after cooking breakfast for everyone. Thanks for posting the recipe, Howard! I came across it on the Schlock Mercenary wikipedia site the other day and figured, “Why not?” Mine had a cheddar shell with a feta filling — had a nice tang to it, yum!

    (the rest of my family thought I was nuts; no one else wanted to try it)

    Also, congratulations on 2000 back-to-back strips! I’ve read them all (though I only remember half).

    Peace and grace,
    Galen Rappe

  4. P.S. Schlock is a favorite webcomic of mine. Thanks for sharing from that brain of yours.

    P.P.S. To quote Bill Watterson’s Uncle Max: “Cute kid, bro.”

    P.P.P.S. Though I am not truly your brother.

  5. Curse you, Howard Tayler! My kids are addicts!

    So am I:-/

    PS: try havarti with the cheddar and parmesan/romano, use mozzarella outside, add ham, mushrooms, hot peppers and onions.

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