I’m getting an intern…

Sandra recieved an unexpected phone call while I was out seeing Corpse Bride (which was delightful, except for the part where juvenile delinquents threw bits of ceiling tile into the theater, no, I’m not making that up). Apparently one of the local charter schools is forcing their students out into the wide world as interns for a couple of days. The mother of one of these high school kids managed to Google me as a “cartoonist” living in “Orem.” One local telephone call later, she reached Sandra.

Okay, an intern RARELY gets to do anything interesting — even “real” interns from collegiate programs often get relegated to the snack-fetch-itorial field. A high-school level intern is, in fairness, likely to be little more than an observer in whatever business he visits.

In most businesses this would be annoying. Me, though, I thrive on attention. Now factor in the following: the young man who wishes for a two-day internship with me has some Photoshop skill. I bet I can get a week of strips flood-filled for free. In exchange, I’ll have somebody looking over my shoulder while I pencil and ink, and I’ve found that always makes me work harder.

I’m looking forward to it. Besides, for a few hours, I’ll be able to guarantee that at least one of America’s Youth is not throwing bits of ceiling tile into movie theaters.


14 thoughts on “I’m getting an intern…”

  1. I once had a kid sit with me at work… this was in the dot-com years. Kid was interested in computers, so I showed him how to write an auction website using SQL, ASP, and IIS for the purposes of trading cards.

    Saaaayyyyy…. do the Toughs ever get interns? I mean… wouldn’t it be a logical place to intern if you’re a military science major before you graduate school?

    1. Now THAT would be fun to see…

      Kevyn: “Captain, I found some micro-print in that last contract we took. Apparently we agreed to a few things we weren’t expecting. Including…”
      Tagon: “Well? What is it?”
      Kevyn: “Well, sir… We agreed to accept an intern…”
      Tagon: *blank stare* And… what are we supposed to do with him?
      Kevyn: *pause* Well, sir… you could always assign him to Sergeant Schlock…
      Tagon: *slow, Wicked Grin of Doom*

    1. On the contrary, this is a great opportunity to warp mould a fresh young mind.

      It might be a good idea to recommend that he read at least some of the archives before he arrives…

      1. Hmm, it seems I don’t remember as much HTML as I thought. The “warp” above is supposed to be struckout for humorous effect. Ah well.

  2. Man, Howard, you have totally made it. Show me one, ONE, other webcartoonist who has his own intern.
    You are top of the heap, man.

  3. Happy corrupting!

    YOu should have seen “Corpse Bride” with us in Bethesda, Maryland. It was a Tuesday night 7:30 showing. My wife and I were the *only* people in the movie theatre. No Joke. Actually I think that may in some ways make the music too overwhelming since they set it as if there are bodies to absorb the sound…


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