Feeling a little better

I’m feeling a little better. After writing my last entry I wandered around outside for a bit, picked a fresh red jalapeno, ate it, and then picked up my car from the dealer (bad ignition coil, 100% covered by warranty). Outside, plus PTrans depletion, plus endorphins, plus not having to spend money was kind of a boost.

And I HAVE gotten some work done today. My “Rule of Ten” seems to be working. At a minimum, every weekday, I must take 10 rows of Schlock Mercenary through one of the four stages of creation (script, pencil, ink, color). Adherence to this will mean 50 row-stages of work each week, which is 14 more row-stages than a week of comics actually takes.

So far I’ve colored 3 rows, pencilled 3 rows, and inked 3 rows so I’m at 9. And I’m gonna keep working, even if I do feel a little doldrummish.


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