Linucon: Will Draw For Food

My Linucon Schedule is up, and with it you have the opportunity to participate in my new “Will Draw For Food” promotion.

Begging aside, you can also find out where I’ll be, and when. And now, back to work with me. I’ve got a zillion things to do before I go, and this evening is my weekly shift at the temple, which means I need to get a zillion things done before 2pm.

In other news, I put up a “Third Orleans” footnote.


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  1. experimental, moisture-activated, emergency-resuscitation nanobots

    Did anybody else see this and think “Nanogenes!”?

    (Not that you’re swiping ideas from Doctor Who, Howard, but that’s the most recent similar concept I can think of. Still, a good one.)

    Speaking of footnotes, a few weeks ago I went archive-trawling and came across a footnote I’d never seen:

    I’m a little curious when you added that; I mean, on the one hand I can understand why you’d want to, on the other I don’t think that much of your readership were Horrifically Offended at the image of imperfect cops, but on the gripping hand I just don’t remember the footnote and I’m curious.

    While we’re at it, during that same trawl I found this:

    There’s a broken image tag–was there an original strip, with the “New York firefighter” a replacement or addition?

    1. So much to respond to…

      1) The emergency-resuscitation nanobots are my own creation. I’m not familiar with the Dr. Who episode in question. It’s not like it’s a truly original concept, though. Especially as regards to Zombies.

      2) I added that footnote just a couple of days after 9/11.

      3) There were two versions of that strip. The NY Firefighter dialog was the only difference. I can’t remember the original dialog offhand.


      1. It’s not like it’s a truly original concept, though. Especially as regards to Zombies.

        Right, this is a classic case of similar ideas by similar minds…and you should see the episode. It’s marvelous.

        As to the others–thanks for the answers. Idle curiousity, you know. I think I had already gotten hooked on Schlock by then, so I would have seen it that day, and I guess I didn’t go archive-trawling in that area for a while.

        1. Yes.

          The combined two-parter — “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances” — is possibly the best Doctor Who story ever. But you should be familiar with the prior stories to really get its impact.

      1. The post, but if we can all agree on a place, even better, since you wanted to as well.

        I know very little in the North Austin area, I’m down south.

        1. What kind of food? I’m leaning towards Chuy’s (N. Lamar between 183 and Braker), but I’m open to better options. Sadly the green chile festival just ended… that stuff was fantastic.

          1. Breakfast might be better. An off-site lunch with a crowd is going to crimp the schedule. I can start earlier, if need be. Besides, with a good breakfast, I can get by without lunch, and more stuff gets drawn for money. 🙂


          2. Breakfast tacos or maybe Jim’s Diner?

            Both of those places are outside walking distance, but only about a 5 minute drive; I’m not sure how close you want to be, but I’m also not sure what is immediately present. As I said, short drive, I can provide the transportation if you need it.

            If that doesn’t fit your needs, that’s fine – just let me know what you want to do.

          3. Schedule problem – I’m going to the Serenity showing in about 5 minutes. I may not be awake at 9am. Also, the hotel buffet is free for me, and it’s pretty good.

            I think this means I won’t be able to make it. You’re still welcome to come by and visit, obviously — I’ll be in artist’s alley when I’m not otherwise scheduled — but Breakfast isn’t likely to work.


    1. I briefly considered the “Canard En Feu” river, but it didn’t flow right.

      If I had it to do over, it might be the “Burning Turducken.” You know, since the Turducken abomination was invented by an acadian chef in New Orleans.


  2. Hmmmm… I see that you have AutumCon down as “tentative.” What would it take to get that bumped up to certainty? Not that I’ll have time to properly fangirl at you this time, seeing as how I’m going to be manning a booth in the dealer’s room most of the con, but still! A chance to follow fangirlishly after a good cartoonist, for however brief a time, should not be passed up on.

    1. The challenge with AutumnCon is that I’m not on any panels. I’d have to pay to show up, and then pay again for a table (silly how they did THAT — usually a dealer gets membership included with the table). Before I shell out any money, I want to see how I weather the next two weekends.


      1. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see then. Silly of them to not put you on a panel, you seem to know all kinds of useful stuff. I’d chip in to get you there, but I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel to get myself there, so…

  3. Wow! Wish I would have know sooner. I could have arranged for for some top rate grub. One of the benefits of having a girl friend attending TCA (That’s Texas Culinary Academy for you out of town folks.) I predict that you will be well fed this weekend. We’ll see what’s still available during the con.

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