Busy week…

Link turns eight years old tomorrow.

This last Sunday he had his baptismal interview with the Bishop.

Monday was a party at Chuck E. Cheese.

We had a family party this afternoon, with cake and presents. It was simple stuff, much of it from thrift stores and Kid-to-Kid, but he was happy.

Tomorrow he goes to Cub Scouts for the first time.

Thursday is his first soccer game.

Friday the grandparents arrive.

Saturday is the baptism, which I’ll be performing.

Sunday he gets to sit on the stand next to the Bishop during Sacrament meeting.

I know it may not sound like a busy week for ME, but this is my SON we’re talking about here. I’m feeling a little anxious for him at every step of the way.

I’m also very, VERY grateful that I get to be a part of so much of this. Thank you, God, for convincing me that it was possible for me to work from home. And thank YOU, dear readers, for being part of that possibility. I love being a cartoonist, but lately most of why I love it is because I love my family MORE.


12 thoughts on “Busy week…”

  1. Sounds like a great, fun, exciting time. Enjoy it.

    [I can totally relate, BTW. My son turned 9 yesterday, we had the whole family over as usual. Both kids started school today.]

  2. I love being a cartoonist, but lately most of why I love it is because I love my family MORE.

    Well, that was the idea, right?

    Because of the buffer-fu there wasn’t any observable change in terms of updates. So the main change was a much happier Howard.

  3. Congratulate Link for me. This is way cool. My eldest son was baptized last November. It’s nerve racking, but really neat. Don’t forget to enjoy the event. It only happens once.

  4. I’m so happy for you! It’s great that you’re able to be there for all of this.

    Congrats to the podling. May all your podlings be this successful and happy making.

  5. Congratulations to Link on his beginnings on a long, fun journey.

    And, as the Dad to three Eagle Scouts, welcome to a long road!

    Try to spend some time volunteering for and/or participating in the Scouting program, it’s very worthwhile and rewarding for a LOT of reasons.

    And, of course, your Dutch Oven skills will be in much demand… I spent over 14 years in Scouting, and never had to wash dishes–just cooked on campouts.

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