Wiped out…

I don’t know what happened, but I was wiped out today.

I woke up at 8:30, and felt like crap. I had breakfast, took a hot shower to loosen up the mess of knots I had in my back and shoulder (which still complains about our little separation incident 5 weeks ago), and then went back to bed at 9:30. At 11:30 I woke up and was exhausted. I puttered at the computer, and then went back to bed at around noon. At 1:30 I got up and felt pretty good. I got an hour’s worth of work done, and then felt wiped out, and ready for another nap.

I made it to the Temple for this evening’s shift, but ran out of steam around 8:00pm, just four hours in. And do note, please, that the four hours I was there were spent propped up on ibuprofen and around 25mg of caffeine. “Propped” up, not “hopped” up, thank-you-very-much.

I have three theories:

1) I’m getting sick. My temperature is 98.2, so it’s a possibility.
2) Not taking narcotics at bedtime (I tried to do without on Tuesday night) threw me for a loop.
3) Accrued interest on my sleep debt reached the point at which the First Metabolitionist Bank of Howard foreclosed on my Wednesday.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better. I’m on drugs again now, and am starting to feel the sleepy-loopy pull of them, as they summon me to the fluffy one-sided softness of sleeping always on my left side. I miss being able to see my bedside clock. (I’d call it an “alarm” clock, but that implies use of the “alarm” feature, and you can bet your summertime jammies I don’t use THAT these days.)


p.s. I got email from a couple of schlockers. Terry sent me Tommy Shaw’s “Girls With Guns” track, and totally made my day. That song is punchier and happier than I remember it being, which is unusual. Most “memory lane” tracks have a lot of suck in them when I listen these days. The other email was from Jeff, who pointed me at Overclocked Remix. I now have a remix of “Lemmings” playing in the background… if this ain’t fitting music to draw comics to, I don’t know what is. But there’s some heavy-hitting “DOOM” remixes waiting for a chance to inspire me…

15 thoughts on “Wiped out…”

  1. If you can find it, I think that the sound track to the video game Kingdom Hearts is remarkably good concentration music.

    I also reccomend the soundtracks to any of the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter movies, or the Moods line of Albums (Pure Moods, Celtic Moods, etc)

    1. I’ve got the CDs for the LoTR and Harry Potter soundtracks, and yes, they’ve been ripped into my iTunes library.

      I’ll check out Kingdom Hearts, even though video game music works better if you’ve actually played the game.


  2. I love OCR. There are some incredibly talented people who submit stuff. In fact, I need to get back to my downloading. Most of the MP3s I bother to listen to are from there, actually. Fun background stuff without being distracting and having words.

    1. The torrents of groups of 500 songs each rock. And, there’s an lj syn-feed of the new additions to it. Very nice to just be able to hit the link in your friends page and get music. 🙂

        1. Ditto, and oh-so-sad!

          I’ve friended , and bittorrent is chugging away as we speak. I’ve almost paid back my community debt for the Dark Side of Phobos downloads, and the OC 1-500 set is a mere two weeks away from arriving in full.

          (It’s big, I guess.)

          1. It’s insanely huge actually.

            The OC Remix torrents are beyond big. They’re full-time hugesuperuberbig.

            The upside is that you get pretty much any imaginable take on about every classic (and some not so classic) video game. The downside (as with anything from the internet) is that there can be a ton of blech mixed in. However, digging through it all to find the really really GOOD stuff can be a real treat.

          2. Re: It’s insanely huge actually.

            Ahh, dang, there’s no way I’ll EVER be able to download all that… major drawbacks to living where there’s no such thing as broadband (or 56k, or 28.8, or pizza and newspaper delivery…)

          3. Re: It’s insanely huge actually.

            I tell you what… once I’ve got it downloaded, I’ll burn it to a DVD and mail it to you. All you need to do is make a donation to my cause sufficient to cover postage and the blank.


          4. Re: It’s insanely huge actually.

            Wow! Thank you! That’s above and beyond the call of duty, but I thank you and won’t decline your kindly offer! Just as soon as I get my NEXT paycheck… after paying for truck repairs, I’m buying gas with my good looks this week.

          5. Yes, it’s very sad, but ah well. I’ve not done a great deal of research to try to figure out how to get around my modem’s firewall to get it to work. Maybe I’ll make the effort when I have a computer that’s a little younger than six years old. That’d be nicer than trying to remember which remixes I’ve already downloaded.

  3. bit OT but….

    3) Accrued interest on my sleep debt reached the point at which the First Metabolitionist Bank of Howard foreclosed on my Wednesday.

    It’s your way with language as well as the art that keeps me going to the strip…..
    I hope that shoulder of yours stops giving you gratuitous grief sometime soon, sir….

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