This does not BEGIN to legitimize me…

Lewis Perdue (lperdue) appears to have registered for a Live Journal account for the express purpose of setting the record straight.

Content aside, this does not BEGIN to legitimize my commentary on current events. No, I won’t feel legit until Dan Brown and Judge Daniels weigh in as well, and we get a full-on flame war. Then I’ll start applying for Press credentials.


6 thoughts on “This does not BEGIN to legitimize me…”

  1. I’d accept trial by blog. Beats the Kafkaesque rules used in copyright infringement today.

    [ok … did I click the correct “comment” button so I don’t screw up the thread?]

    1. Ooh, trial by blog?

      Hope everyone uses Firefox or Opera (I use the former)…. having tabs makes things much easier to read. ;>

      1. Why not? If the legal standard is the “lay” reader, then what better way to get the opinions of REAL lay readers (rather than a judge who is only one reader and hardly a lay person).

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