Okay, good suggestions. Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback everybody. I have the information I need. No further input is requested (in fact, no further input is DESIRED. Stop trying to type that, you. Yes, you.)

The site WILL be getting wider, but I’ll be tweaking the layout based on your feedback, some of which was helpful. Some of you will feel ignored or marginalized, but those of you who complained about the text links in the old layout got ignored and/or marginalized, too. That’s just the nature of large groups.

I may put a “weak, lame, text-only” version up for those of you who have small monitors, or who object to UI redesign on general principles. I’ll make sure to title that page so that you continue to feel marginalized every time you tune in. 🙂

This experience has been quite unpleasant for me. You won’t be getting more drafts. I’ll just throw the final product at you, polish and all, when I’m ready, and you’ll keep reading the comic, or you won’t. Or you’ll email me to complain (like some of you did with the LAST redesign, and the one before that, and the one before that) and I’ll collect those messages in a nice, safe folder whose title rhymes with “baleeted bite ’ems.”