Okay, eBay… THIS time I KNOW you’re faking.

You all probably know that my Google Adsense account got reactivated, and that I’ve been running Google ads almost exclusively for the last couple of weeks.

Well, I was flipping through the last week of strips, and this page had an ad that read, I kid you not:

Dark Matter
Dark Matter for sale. aff Check out
the deals now!

I searched for Dark Matter on ebay, and I found lots of products that had Dark Matter in their names, and more than a few books about astrophysics, but I did NOT find actual Dark Matter for sale.


It’s probably a good thing. First they’d start selling clumps of the stuff, then there’d be Dark Matter chia-pets, and before long you’d have Dark Matter monsters in the sewer. That’d make the Paan’uri really mad, I bet.

–Howard “reading too much of my own writing lately” Tayler

12 thoughts on “Okay, eBay… THIS time I KNOW you’re faking.”

  1. I get that effect in my email (Gmail) as well, and sometimes it’s quite freaky.

    Like when someone sends me an email with my full name somewhere within it, and I see this on the side:

    Matt Summers
    New and Used Matt Summers for sale. Click
    to see more!

    … didn’t realize I was for sale, and what do they mean “USED?!?” {storms off affronted}


  2. eh. I gave up on Google Ads after the pile of “Free XBox360″,”Free PS3”, “Download Star Wars Episode 3 Here” ads. Until they get a responsible human going over the ads before they are posted, I’m blocking their server on my browser.

    Dark Matter Cthia pets vs the Paan’uri – Who would win?

  3. There’s only two ways you can get Alternity Dark Matter (I play alternity but no the DM expansion) – electronically (like RPGnow) or used (Like eBay)…

    TSR/WOTC discontinued the product line back in 1998 to focus on the D20 line – but it’s still very popular and the used books sell for good money.

    1. Argh… now I have the SBSP theme in my head… or at least the first couple of lines … over and over …

      “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge Bob Square Pants!”

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