Narcotics update

Last night I slammed two Lortab and a Soma at 11:30pm. At 11:45 I turned on my sleepy-time music (Vangelis Oceanic) and climbed into bed. I looked at the clock and thought “it’s been almost twenty minutes… where’s the brick?”

You know, the brick that is supposed to hit me, letting me know the drugs are starting to work? THAT brick.

11:46pm — I look back at the clock, still no brick.

6:45am — I wake up wondering what time I got hit by the brick. I never even saw it coming.

And now, the good news: Sandra said at one point I rolled over onto my right side. Since I don’t remember waking up screaming, I must have slept through it.

4 thoughts on “Narcotics update”

  1. The brick always hits you when you LEAST expect it. 😀

    11:46pm – no brick her–

    11:47pm – gold brick with lemon has made impact, subject now zombie-like

    Good to hear the shoulder (and livelihood) aren’t permanently impacted, and is well on the road to recovery.

  2. What’s a mufti?

    I asked smarterchild and he said

    Inflected forms: pl.muf·tis A Muslim scholar who interprets the shari’a.

    I asked my friend and he said

    Archadmiral: what’s a mufti?
    Terpoma: a multi user freight train interlude
    Archadmiral: uh
    Terpoma: it’s where people dance on a train when bored
    Archadmiral: uh
    Terpoma: you lack culture

    1. 1) Post this over in , rather than in my personal journal.

      2) Mufti is civilian dress, especially when worn by someone who typically wears a uniform. Head over to, and you’ll see multiple definitions of the word.


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