More pretty pictures

The folks at Dragons Keep have a neat display area behind the register where a Heroclix model of Galactus resides. He’s 14 inches tall, and needs an impressive backdrop: you know, stars, and maybe some worlds for him to eat.

I offered to crank out a quick poster for them to fill the space behind him. It’s a 26×48-inch space, though. “Quick” does not describe the save time after my computer resized the massively multi-layered document to full resolution (26×48 inches, 300dpi). In retrospect, I should have flattened it before resizing. Oh well.

“What,” you may ask, “is LIGHTNING doing in the vacuum of space?”

Hey, Galactus is the Eater of Worlds. If he says that there will be a millions-of-miles long bolt of electrical energy leaping out of a star, I’m pretty sure it can be arranged — maybe in conjunction with a nice solar flare, or the collision with a particularly dense nebula.

Besides, it looks cool. And it missed the planet, so no harm done, right?


14 thoughts on “More pretty pictures”

  1. And it missed the planet, so no harm done, right?


    “And yea, on the throggledy flek of Yorm, iridescence lit the sky, and the fruit of all mermkine was laid barren.”

    Very pretty. 🙂

  2. That’s not lightning! That’s the Nexus! I must go back there!

    Do you have a tutorial somewhere for making these starfields? If not, can you make one?

  3. Wow. Jack Kirby would be most pleased.

    (It was his 88th birthday on Sunday, you know.)

    (And if he were still around, you KNOW he’d be playing with stuff like this…)

  4. That is totally badass. Think we can get a picture of the Galactus figure hanging out in front of that (assuming they use it (which they’d be fools not to))?

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