Well, I was going to do a poll…

For some reason the “create a poll” interface keeps disappearing on me. It’s in the little grey box of links I get when I update my journal from the Livejournal website, but that grey box vanishes as the page loads.

The poll was going to be “what will the doctor say today?”

This article has some useful information about separated shoulders, and made for good reading just before I went to bed last night. It seems there are six types of separated shoulders, numbered 1 through 6, and that numbers 4 through 6 almost always require surgery. Type 3 used to get operated on, but is now treated more conservatively. Type 1 and type 2 are treated with a sling, painkillers, and lots of rest.

I suspect I’ll be found possessed of a Type 1 Separation. The X-ray indicated separation, but the tenderness in my shoulder seemed to be in the wrong place for that (on the back instead of the front), which would be consistent with Type 1 if the doctor I saw doesn’t consider Type 1 a separation at all, but a sprain (and that’s kind of supported by the wording on the page I linked). Type 1 means that I’ll be healing up quickly, and with that particular verdict I’ll almost certainly begin drawing again today.

Type 2 means I’ll start drawing again today, but I’ll feel guilty about it.


8 thoughts on “Well, I was going to do a poll…”

  1. Oh, and before you guys start in on me, if it hurts to draw then depending on what kind of hurt I’m getting, I’ll stop. I’m reckless, not stupid.

    1. That’s the good thing about that kind of injury: in the normal, sane person (this excludes a lot of athletes), the exercise tends to be self-limiting.

      I refuse to comment on your apparent sanity.

  2. Hrm.. My opinion on this…

    I’d rather have you not draw for awhile, and have you fit and hale in a few weeks, than see you let this drag on and on and on for months, and be in pain.

    Let it rest, man.. You’ve got like 2 weeks in the buffer, last I checked (I might be off a few days)… HEAL.. let it dwindle, then get back to work..

    I for one would rather see filler strips drawn by someone else than see you be in pain, and possibly not be able to draw in the future..

    Think on it.

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