This is harder than I wanted it to be…

I’m trying. Really, I’m trying.

Yesterday I got three rows inked.

Today I’ve only done two.

My shoulder, neck, back, and even my head start to ache after a while, and suddenly ANYTHING becomes more interesting than continuing to draw. I’m easily enough distracted as it is.

The good news — I’m working on a strategy to use this to my advantage: I’ve got a list of things that need doing here at the computer — things I can work on when the pain is too distracting for drawing. Today’s project: a Public Service Announcement banner ad, sticking it to PETA very nicely. Other projects include fresh banners for W23, “advertise at,” and an upcoming site sponsor. Then there’s the coloring and scripting I can always be doing.

Posting stuff in the Live Journal doesn’t count. Hey… what am I doing here?

13 thoughts on “This is harder than I wanted it to be…”

    1. Re: that PETA ad…

      It was fun to do, too. And I think the Center for Consumer Freedom (the folks who sponsor deserves the attention.


      1. Re: that PETA ad…

        Me too. What the PETA is campaigning for alone is scary [complete seperation of humans and animals, I wonder how that will kill us] and the fact that they are hypocritical is even more scary. And their twisting of religious views is just SICK! And I thought Scientology was bad…

      2. Re: that PETA ad…

        Um…. I missed the PETA ad, and I’d like to see it. Link, please?

        Because I’d like to give PETA my own tongue-lashing, thanks to this crazy condition AND how having a cat (which they consider a “pet”) decreases my bouts of depression (which go along with the crazy condition).

        Yes, you saw right: Decreases the frequency of depression. I’d keep going, but I see that y’all are on the same side that I am.

        1. Re: that PETA ad…

          It’s a random ad that pops up when going through the archives. So pick one of your favorite storylines of Schlock and start going through it and it should pop up eventually. 🙂

      3. Re: that PETA ad…

        What I especially hate is that they got a judge to force to be given over to them, when it was a regularly updating website parodying PETA. Not only that, but they also forced the guy not to be able to have a SIMILARLY NAMED website.

        The website in question was named: People Eating Tasty Animals

        It had pictures of steaks, lamb, people eating… and it updated regularly, changing the pictures and so forth.

        This man’s 1st amendment rights were *violated* and the courts ignored his rights for this goddamn organization that is an obvious fraud and should be put under like they put under the animals they “save”.

        And I’m a conservationalist saying this. (I refuse to identify with environmentalists due to the actions of groups like PETA and the like. I feel that the environment is important… and conserving it and restoring it is a worthwhile cause… but it also should be used. Within reason and with care.)

        Rob H.

      4. Re: that PETA ad…

        The image is here. The site it links to is here.

        I’d suggest the site might be a little extreme, and some of the small specifics of the claims might be a bit over-the-top, but that’s only because they do not indicate the sources from which they get each littlest bit of information.

        However, while the alleged actions of PETA disturb me, I’d have to say I admire the sternness of the choices that led to these actions. They do not want people to keep animals for any reason. If this is the case, then redistributing pets to other owners is contrary to their cause. Forcing the domesticated animal to fend for itself is likewise undesirable, so they euthanasia all of them, as soon as they can.

        It’s deceitful, based on their public image and claims it might be fraudulent, it’s mean, but it’s also impressive in a way similar to a murder-suicide. That is resolute action. That is following through on your principles.

        To take a stand is commendable. To have the will to follow through with the principles on which you have taken that stand is also commendable, in a iffy kind of Will to Power way.

        I hope that PETA is breaking some laws here. I hope they get stopped. I hope the entire organization is discredited and forgotten. But I also hope that I would have the personal fortitude to follow through on my beliefs they way some of these people have, if the need ever arose.

        That said, I’d rather spend my time with more “Let’s think this over again.” sort of people, and I like to think I’m one.

        1. Re: that PETA ad…

          Well, PETA’s behaviour has been known about for most of two decades. It isn’t exactly a well-kept secret. If they haven’t been shut down by now, it would seem they’re not going to be.

          Killing animals is just the tip of the iceburg, though — they’ve also funded the ELF, an eco-terrorist group, and much more.

    1. Actually, it probably wouldn’t. At any given time, no more than about 3% of the people viewing Schlock Mercenary are clicking on ads. Obviously, that number goes up or down depending on the ad, but that’s a good average for a webcomic or other art-oriented site with an interesting banner ad.

      (The very best ads sometimes do as much as 10% click-through early in their campaigns at Schlock Mercenary. The lowest-performing ad campaigns are ones in which the same banner runs unchanged for several weeks at a time, and those end up at around 0.5%. The industry average for banner-ad click-through is around 0.1%.)

      If we targetted your ads so that you only ran 12,500 per day (which would run you through a 25,000 banner campaign in two days, or a 100,000 banner campaign in eight) you’d likely see no more than 300 or 400 click-throughs per day.


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