Musings on Pain

I’m not sure I hurt any less this morning than I have other recent mornings. The pain in my shoulder, should I absentmindedly roll to the right as I’m waking up, is a sharp, “loud” pain that chases all other thoughts out, and clears out the early morning cobwebs with a flamethrower.

This morning, however, my brain told my shoulder to shut the hell up, because we wanted more sleep. Nothing’s torn, nothing’s broken, there’s no need to yell, just conversationally remind us that the right side is a little tender, and we’ll roll back to the left.

I got another two hours of sleep, which I needed badly, because I had an uncharacteristic hour of near hyperactivity last night after popping the 2nd Lortab. I was up until 1:30am musing on political matters, of all things. I definitely would have been better off sleeping.

So, here I am, all painkillers have worn off, and every time my shoulder makes noises about how nice I need to be to it, I tell it to shut up. It’s had almost a week — a week I had other plans for, I might add — and I’m done babying it. There’s some CC impingement, yeah, and so I still have to be careful through some of my usual range of motion, and there’s exercises I need to do, but I’m done treating my shoulder like some blown-glass knick-knack that grandma can’t bear to see tossed around. It’ll get an ice-pack and a hot-pad, but it’s going to have to EARN those by supporting my arm and hand for a spot of cartooning.

The pain in my shoulder has become the whining of a spoiled child. The brat is about to get spanked.


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  1. clears out the early morning cobwebs with a flamethrower.

    heh. reminds me of a D&D session where we tosed a fireball spell into a cobweb filled room. Little did we know that some of the cobwebs were fuses for explosives! Our GM is eeevil.

    1. Can we say “me-YOW!”

      Tell your GM thank you for giving such a wonderful plot curveball idea to me. (This is something I tend to do in any RP –usually MB RPs– I’m involved in. It helps to spice things up and make the originator of the RP think fast. ;> )

      1. Will do. Fortunately, none of the team died in that encounter. I honestly can’t remember if we lost any of our team in that level of not… I don’t think so, although the halfling rogue learned that fighting a wraith 1-on-1 is unhealthy… ::snicker::

  2. I broke my left collarbone and fractured my shoulderblade in a biking accident many years ago, and for years afterwards I would wake up from a sound sleep, roll over onto my left side, and immediately fall back asleep; because while it was in the final healing stages if I rolled over in my sleep without doing it carefully, I woke up in intense pain.

    Of course, this was only after I stopped being conditioned to sleep flat on my back without moving at all, which was what the first six weeks or so were like.

    1. Re: You go!

      Hmmm…. today I partook of sleep, vitamins, and I got outside for some fresh air. I also had a healthy helping of pain.

      I give up. I’m weak. 🙂

      1. Re: You go!

        You think a shoulder is bad? Try leg cramps. They’re much worse, believe me. I get them every now and then if I sleep on my back with my leg bent. When it comes time to unbend said leg – meYOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! If I hadn’t developed a way to make my brain get rid of the pain (you probably wouldn’t care for this process, as you’re more scientifically-minded than I am), I would have been screaming at full volume in pain.

        BTW, I’ve been compared to a fire siren when I get loud….

  3. Babying it?


    Howard, if your journal updates are any indication you’ve had the autospank9000 on full auto since you hurt the blasted thing. 😛

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