It’s late, and I’m on drugs again.

It’s been a while since my last update. My new PC showed up, and I’ve been migrating everything from one machine to another. Here are the high points:

1) My shoulder has a full range of motion again, but late in the day and early in the morning (around 7:00am and 7:00pm… something about the sevens) it starts to hurt a LOT. Maybe this is because that’s when the drugs I took at midnight or at noon wear off.

2) I’m taking four or five Lortab a day now. They don’t make me quite as loopy as they used to, and they DO seem to kill the pain, as evidenced by the fact that several hours after taking the drugs, my shoulder suddenly hurts like a run on the pain bank.

3) I finally have backup software configured on my PC. The way it’ll work is that every Sunday in the wee hours my machine will be backed up to an external USB drive. Yes, I’ll test the restoration process and make sure it works. Also, I can now burn CDs. The OTHER part of my backup process is the “archive” process, in which I take my most critical source files (PSD files, comic strip scripts, and accounting stuff) and burn them to CD. Given the bloat of Photoshop documents (especially with the rich shading and starfield renders I’m doing more and more of) I’ll be forced to NOT keep those on my PC forever and ever. I think our “Gold” bank account qualifies us for a free safe deposit box — archive CDs will go there. Upshot — in the event of fire, my most critical data is safe off-site. In the event of a PC crash-and-burn, I can be up and running again in short order.

4) The old PC had a combo DVD/CDRW drive, but the machine “destabilized” just over a year ago and I couldn’t watch DVDs, burn CDs, or figure out what was the matter. Now it doesn’t matter. We’ll be reformatting it, reinstalling everything, and then turning it over to Sandra. Then her computer becomes the kidputer, and the kidputer becomes I don’t know what. Maybe I’ll raid it for a disk drive, and add a drive to my PC so that Photoshop has its own scratch disk. Dunno.

5) We rearranged my office, so that the drawing table and the computer desk are now horizontally aligned, instead of being at opposing corners of the room. This should mean more spontaneous sketches while sitting at the computer, and easier sketching-from-reference. There’s still a lot of tidying to do. I ought to post pictures.

6) Gleek took a long, late nap, and will likely be up until 2am. *sigh*


5 thoughts on “It’s late, and I’m on drugs again.”

  1. now I have an image of you scooting up and down between the two boards on one of those office chairs…
    and for some reason it’s rather amusing.

    Oh, and that back-up plan sounds safer than most businesses employ, way to go Howard. [would that more people were as sensible.]

  2. Interesting. I’d think an L-shape desk setup would work better than horizontal. Of course, the space does not always allow for perfection…

  3. Beware.

    Lortab can be addictive and, like many drugs of that sort, start to lose its effectiveness once that part starts.

    1. Re: Beware.

      Thanks for the warning. I’m aware of the addictive nature of the drug. I’m hoping the pain has lessened to the point that I can manage it with Ibuprofen by the end of the week.


  4. “6) Gleek took a long, late nap, and will likely be up until 2am. *sigh*”
    You *are* allowed to wake them up when they sleep too long…when I worked in day care, we had standing orders to wake certain kids up after they’d slept a specific amount. Otherwise, as you know, it was up until two…of course, the parents didn’t have to deal with the grumpy little things after we woke them up 🙂

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