A rare moment of lucidititidity.

I wrote that last journal entry just before my pair of Lortabs kicked in, and I’ve been next to worthless ever since.

“Kicked in” is the right word choice. A team of metabolism commandos kicked the door down, and then kicked in my skull. I shall now describe the symptoms of onset as clinically as I can.

0 seconds: “hmmm… my tummy feels funny. I think I’m going to barf.”
10 seconds: “nope, not going to barf. Is it hot in here?”
20 seconds: “why am I pouring sweat?”
22 seconds: I call out to Sandra, but she can’t hear me.
25 seconds: I hit “Submit” and send off my Live Journal Entry
30 seconds: I stagger away from the computer, and Sandra hears me.
60 seconds: I’m back in my bed.
120 seconds: I’m asleep.

Over the last 6 hours we’ve discovered that every hour or so I’ll wake up and get maybe 10 minutes of euphoria mixed with “I need to be doing something.” I’ll come down to the computer, read stuff, and then the cold sweat starts in earnest, and I end up getting escorted back to my bed.

There are two pieces of good news.
1) I assure you, there is no danger whatsoever of me getting addicted to Lortab. I get a better endorphin rush off of capsaicin.
2) I can lift my arm forward now. The episode where I could not lift it was last night. Something healed up a bit while I slept last night and this morning.

Ooooh. I think my 10 minutes are up. More later.


8 thoughts on “A rare moment of lucidititidity.”

  1. wow. that’s good stuff you are on.

    The best sur-real trip I’ve even been on was the day I had my wisdom teeth removed. they used iv sedation for it, and the entire day passed in a complete fog. I still only remember bits and peices of it.

  2. “1) I assure you, there is no danger whatsoever of me getting addicted to Lortab. I get a better endorphin rush off of capsaicin.”

    Spoken like a true addict. *devious grin*

    Good to hear you’re getting better. I don’t think I’d push that reaching bit until you’re completely free of the painkillers though. : /

    All non-medical advise of course… I know nooothink, I see nooothink…!

  3. Good to hear you’re healing up steadily. Are you going to have to go back to the doctor? I don’t ask out of concern; I ask because I enjoyed reading about your previous foray into the world of modern medicine. It’s all about me, you see.

  4. It is also a demonstrated fact (perhaps a fortunate one) that narcotics, when used for the purpose they are made to serve, can enable people to do things that would otherwise simply be impossible.
    I mean by that, things that would not only be very painful, but that the brain would simply not issue the command to do, due to the intensity of pain anticipated from the responding limb.

    I’ve been there. And I’ve thanked the Creator for those who, despite the social stigma attached to being a “drug dealing narco-doctor,” are unafraid to prescribe, research, and synthesize narcotics for people who are in severe, crippling pain.

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