22 thoughts on “Sign me up…”

  1. Well, Schlock is a walking (no. slithering? nah. I guess he kind of undulates across a floor) poop joke anyway. Though I can’t say I recall any instances of fart jokes in Schlock. I guess there are some limits.

    1. What exactly would Schlock be classified as? A gastropod? A cephalopod? A torsopod? I guess do to his interesting look, he could be considered a fecopod… Any ideas?

  2. y’know, after the week you just had, I’d think you’d want to stay FAR AWAY from things poop and fart related. :p

      1. well, the kids yes, but if you’ll recall Howards post from…hrrm…saturday or sunday, his body was pulling double duty (or is it doody?) in the bathroom 😉

    1. Re: Touring

      It’s all about givingchildren something scientific to be interested in, if that means studying grossology, just to get them interested int he facts, as long as it keeps them interested in science later it’s a good thing.

  3. Totally Unfair

    I, for one, find this totally unfair. When do those of us who are fascinated by the multiples of twelve get our exhibit, huh?

      1. That I don’t know; maybe. If there are science centers in Canada, I would assume that they might. Contact a local center.

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