20 thoughts on “Fingerpainting!”

  1. And did you take a picture of the practice run? 🙂 “Honey… why is “It’s armed” written in what looks like blood on this wall…?”


  2. The first and only take was done in black poster-paint, which I thinned just a little to get a consistency consistent with “fresh blood.” I painted on a sheet of ordinary laser-printer paper, let it dry for the better part of a day, and then scanned it in b/w at 466dpi.

    I then converted it to RGB, did a mass color-replace from 000000 to EE0000 (or something about that red), and dropped the resulting layer in under the existing artwork for the rest of the strip.

    I considered using red paint and scanning in color, but then I realized that the smears and other detail apparent in a color scan might end up looking like they were scaled wrong.

    The “traditional” artwork for the strip has been filed away safely. The fingerpaint page went into the recycling bin, and is well on its way to becoming grocery sacks by now, I’m sure.


    1. Great solution. I suspect it would have not even occurred to most people that just using a brush would not give an accurate effect.

      Kudos on being perspective.

        1. Well, you could always be giving a presentation to a bunch of industry people and use the word “frangible” instead of “fungible”… 🙂

    2. Deep stuff for almost a “throwaway” (if DEEPLY significant) line.
      Can those epaulettes be disarmed? (Has Kevyn been disarmed? as well as dislegged [from the long shot])

  3. Wow. Oh man. Oh wow.

    By the way, I really love it when you talk about the artistic part of your work. While the writerly part is interesting to me in a sort of “wow I don’t get that” sort of way, I can connect with the artist part, and so I LOVE it when you discuss that, like in your Con’ report. You’re an inspiration. 🙂

  4. Schlock’s been visceral before, if I recall. There’ve been moments of sick humor, absolute depravity, and sheer political incorrectness…all turned into hilarity by your twisted mind.

    But this is the first Schlock strip I’ve actually been /disturbed/ by. Absolutely incredible work.

  5. On the subject of artwork, I have to compliment you on your ability to do various forms of the Oh-Sh*t Face, on various genders and species, sometimes where you can’t even see the face (as in todays final panel), and give it that visceral feeling of “Yeah, that’s how I’d feel” each time.

    Keep it up!

  6. I think it’s neat when artists do that stuff.

    You won’t agree with me politically of course (it’s part of what makes life fun), but this IDT strip was drawn almost enrirely using my left hand. For somewhat similar reasons.

    1. Oddly enough, it’s never occurred to me to use my off-hand as a method for making the picture look like it was drawn by an enthusiastic child.

      Neat trick. 🙂

  7. Not exactly Livermore…

    …but if you get to my side of the hills — I live in Berkeley — or even to Walnut Creekn, I’d be interested in whatever festivities.


    P.S.: Yeah, I was the moods-y guy. (I’m behind on email, too.)

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