Back from Fuddruckers…

I’m back from Fuddruckers. Greg, Jim, Andy, Graeme, Madeline, and Eric — thanks for a great evening. I had fun, even if, strictly speaking, I was having a bit more caffeine than I ought to.

Now that the last of it has left my system, I’m going to go to bed. Graeme — it’s a good thing I didn’t take you up on that Target Masters offer this time. I started fading about 5 minutes after starting the drive back to Livermore. Handing me firearms would have been a bad idea on several counts.

Where was I? Oh. yeah. I’m going to bed now. Gnight!


15 thoughts on “Back from Fuddruckers…”

    1. Fuddrucker’s is a hamburger restaurant where you basically build your own hamburger. (At least it was the last time I went, which was over 10 years ago. It hasn’t changed, has it?)

      1. Yup. They grill your chosen size/blend of patty (you can get traditional hamburger, ostrichburger, turkeyburger, veggieburger, buffaloburger, and even Kobe Beef), with or without your choice of cheese, and hand it to you essentially naked on a baked-fresh, split, buttered, and toasted roll.

        Then you dress it with whatever. They have refrigerator dill pickles! Like the Klaussen dills in the grocery store, these are pickles that are soaked in brine, but not cooked, so they have to be refrigerated BEFORE you open the jar. The result is a crisper dill pickle. You know those commercials where the Vlasic pickles are said to be so crunchy? Well, Klaussen pickles put them to SHAME.


          1. They’ve been around a while; my family used to eat there all the time when I was a wee one. I remember their burgers being better then, too.

            And not all Fuddruckers have the weird meats (there’s one right around the corner from my place).

        1. Kobe Beef??? Isn’t that stuff, like, ultra expensive? As in three-digit prices per pound? Maybe burger meat sections are cheaper or something, but wow…

    1. You think that’s bad? The ones up in New Jersey used to have “Mother Fuddrucker’s Mustard” on the table.

      Now imagine the scene, a friend of a friend asking his parents to “pass the mother fuddruckin’ mustard”, his parents getting getting all indignant about language, him showing them the front of the container where it says “Mother Fuddrucker’s”, them going “Oh, that’s not right…”


    2. Hmmm Fudd-rucker……

      Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m playing wugby!

      Glad to hear Howard is feeling better.

      Darn but we should have more places like that in the UK.

  1. pwthreened?

    At dinner you mentioned having seen a “photo-comic” of a Luke-Vader duel in which the word “pwthreened” was used, and piqued my interest.

    Is there any chance you could dig up a URL to the original source? My Google-fu is insufficient to even find a reference to it.


  2. It was great meeting you (and the other LJers that came along) and thanks so much for the sketch.

    I’m surprised you faded so soon with all the caffeine you had 🙂


    1. Belated thank you…

      For the ride, and for (if I understand correctly) choosing a venue that was BART-able.


      P.S.: So, how soon can we get him to come back, d’ya think?

      1. Re: Belated thank you…

        You’re welcome.

        We need to persuade Sandra to come see her family again and make sure she brings him with her. He did say he’s been out this way a few times. Hopefully won’t be too long before he’s back.

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