My Penguicon report is UP!


I’ve decided to put the Penguicon report here rather than in Live Journal for a couple of reasons:

1) It was really, really long.
2) I want to see what kinds of ads it generates.

So link on over and have a look. There’s an elapsed-time tour of the construction of the Chaos Machine on pages 4.1 through 4.5, and fun artwork I drew and sold on page 5.


21 thoughts on “My Penguicon report is UP!”

    1. I love the pop rocks and cocacola cartoon.

      heh, KFC ads on page 8 – look like scam type stuff tho, “We’ll pay you $75 right now to complete a simple survey!”

  1. I needed the distraction.

    So I recorded the ads I saw on each page. The last page was the most amusing:

    Page one – Martial arts and samurai sword ads
    Page two – Convention centers, Los Vegas and FurryCon ads
    Page three – Art, art contests, and another contest ad
    Page four – Comic books and figurine ads
    Page five – Sci-Fi publishers and other publishing (including romance fiction) ads
    Page six – Blog ads
    Page seven – Contempory art sites and comic ads
    Page eight – Marbles, vegan gravy mixes, baking mixes, deviled egg plates, dinosaur models, fossils, egg cookers and appliance ads.

  2. It might not be a bad idea to move all of your blogging (however annoying moving can be) to your site for that same reason. It’d give more incentive to visit your real site regularly, which I’m sure would translate into some relative increase in your ad revenue.

  3. In my defense I’d like to point out that the REASON I was late is that the alternator blew out in my car wednesday night near Dallas, and since we had to wait for a mechanic to open in the morning we didn’t get on the road again until 10 am. That delayed us by half a day. Otherwise, we might even have made it there in time for the dinner thursday night.


    1. Sorry. I hope it didn’t sound like I was coming down on you there. You did make good time, and the machine arrived in plenty of time for the convention.


  4. Slightly off topic, for some reason all of the adds in the archive suddenly switched from comic books to PSP and DVD adds (Blockbuster mostly).

  5. GAH! Furry ads! Damn!

    My nightmares are interesting enough without images of mass yiffing. Great. Time for a Red Bull or three…

      1. My mind automatically regurgitates the most repugnant and disgusting things I’ve seen in the periods between sleeps into my dreams. My mind is an insolent whelp and will be disciplined with brain-killing amounts of television.

      1. Re: Possible typo?

        Me again! 🙂

        Page 5: She was feeling very distraught and lonely, and needed with me to sort it out.

        Is there a “time” missing there?

          1. Re: Possible typo?

            Sorry for being such a pedant! 🙂

            I may as well do the fan-boy thing here and say thanks for a great comic and thanks for sharing your life on LJ with us.

  6. Self-Publishing in Fiction, Gaming, and Everything Else

    “I moderated this one, and did so out of pure selfishness”

    Dude, you volunteered and noone else seemed to want to do it. 🙂

  7. PenguiCon 3.0 thank you…

    It was a pleasure as always to have you as one of our guests. I look forward to seeing you at future PenguiCon’s. Green room is always open for you and Sandra. Take care.

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