17 thoughts on “Google ads… this is going to CRACK! YOU! UP!”

      1. Ooh. Good eyes.

        Though, I still don’t see this as a particuliarly nice way of having a second version of the strip.

  1. hehe

    For me the funniest part wasn’t the maternity clothes (I can only assume Google saw “elephant” and “clothes” and went straight to “pregnant women” which is funny in itself) but the rave clothes. This is because it instantly brought to mind pictures of large elephants in very baggy pants twirling around glow sticks and falling about a large warehouse doing much damage.

        1. Re: hehe

          *laugh* Good point. I suppose they’d need more than a warehouse to hold all of them if they were going to have a real rave. Elephants ain’t tiny.

  2. That makes me think. If you included the strip’s text on the page in some form (ALT tags, or somesuch), I’d imagine you’d get much more interesting and relevant text ads. I’m not sure about the specifics of how AdSense works. But I think Schlock readers would be a lot more likely to click on whatever context ads come up for Wormhole physics, plasma cannons, or whatever, than the generic “Looking for manga?” links.

    Of course, you’ll probably get a bunch of funny things, but they’ll be funny things *relevant to the day’s strip*. Watching the Schlock context ads could become a major pastime.

  3. For the longest time I couldn’t figure what you were talking about.

    I kept studdying the page looking for the google link.

    Then it occured to me that I’d adblocked the google adds stuf a LONG time ago.

    Unblocked it and then got your reference…. You’re right. They can be goofy.

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