This raises an interesting question…

Honestly, up until a day or two ago I thought that everyone who reads my Live Journal also reads my comic strip, Schlock Mercenary. That turns out not to be the case. This raises a couple of interesting questions, and I’d love it if as many of the (*gasp*) four-hundred-and-thirty of you as possible would answer…

Thanks for your participation. Hopefully the results will be informative (or at least marginally entertaining) for everyone.

p.s. please note that this is NOT an attempt to lure more of you into reading the comic. I’m much less subtle with those attempts. Also note that I’m not going to be offended if it turns out that lots of you do NOT read the comic. After all, more than six billion humans are in that same category… getting offended at a group that large would be inane.

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  1. Did you know it is possible to leave more than one answer to the second poll?
    Just so you don’t get surprised when the numbers on the bottom exceed those on the top…..

          1. Hey, I checked that, and believe you me, I’m very entertained here. It just said “The discussions are entertaining”. Never said a word about intelligence, after all. ^_^

  2. FP!

    No, seriously, wow. I was initially surprised that I got first vote, but then I refreshed three minutes later and there were four more votes. And to think, I was about to say “this is no Slashdot.” Let the entertaining discussion (read: flaming of me) commence!

    Since I’m commenting anyhow… you may remember me as the guy who wrote a piece about webcomics, focusing on Schlock, for his high school paper a few years ago. (If any of the rest of you non-Howard people remember me, I’m impressed, flattered, grateful and a bit scared.) So, you bet I found this LJ via the comic.

    Hm. I’m in college now. And procrastinating, at the moment. (Don’t give me those disapproving looks. Do you really want me to work hard and end up reinventing the teraport? That’s what I thought.) Could I take advantage of your offer to college journalists as originally posted?


    p.s. please note that this is NOT an attempt to just get another free piece of art.

    p.p.s. ok, so maybe it is.

    Post-post-postscriptum: Yeah, I’m kidding. It’s really that first thing I mentioned, the procrastination. If only I had a homework buffer like the comic buffer, I’d be totally set. Alright, back to figuring out how to make a search engine in Java in five days….

  3. A few things to add to the list, since they’re not options that can be selected:

    Actually, I found you had a LiveJournal through one of the OnlineComics communities, I think, but had been reading Schlock Mercenary for years before that.

    What do I enjoy about your entries?
    I appreciate your insights into some of the business angles going into writing a successful and popular webcomic. Few other webcartoonists out there have as good a head for the business end of it as you do.

    I enjoy learning about your religeous insights, as I’ve never really been exposed to the Mormon Church, and I find your views on the subject quite refreshing.

    I’ve enjoyed working with you on the coloring projects in the past. Offering Photoshop tips where I can, and picking them up from you as well.

    And, to top it off, you have a knack for writing down fairly routine incidents and making them sound immensely entertaining. 🙂

    1. And, to top it off, you have a knack for writing down fairly routine incidents and making them sound immensely entertaining. 🙂

      This is the big one for me, really, for both your journal and Sandra’s. The color that you bring to the descriptions of your everyday lives makes for interesting reading. Heck, you managed to make ordering a pizza into an interesting story…

  4. 432 of us?

    432 of us? What about the people, like me, who read your LJ with an RSS reader and haven’t friended you (since I don’t ever use my LJ account, except to comment on like 2 people’s LJs)?

    1. I didn’t do it out of laziness. I did it because almost all of them actually applied. (I checked “too lazy to de-friend” just because I felt like it, not because it’s true)

  5. Heh, I think you’re the only person I currently feel in awe of when commenting on their journal. Sort of a “This is Mr. Tayler, blessed by God with awesome comicist skillz” kind of thing.

    I find myself nervous for no reason whatsoever. Really.

  6. I sat next to you a year ago at the Guest of Honor dinner Thursday night before Penguicon 2.0, and I thought you were a lot of fun. However, our mutual friend Sal thought so even more and he stole you away. I just started reading Schlock two weeks ago and am nowhere near caught up to the present, and I’m too busy to read it regularly until after Penguicon 3.0, but I’m impressed with the hard SF element that I’ve seen so far.

  7. Well, I can’t pick an answer for the top, as none of them are accurate. I read the comic, but that’s not how I found the LJ. I suppose I’m cheating, since I know Randy, but still, one did not lead to the other, so I’m being obnoxiously petulant and specific.

    Now, how is that different from my normal behavior?

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