The Herbie Trailer made me cry

It’s true. I watched the Herbie: Fully Loaded trailer yesterday, and cried a tear of joy.

See, the last Herbie movie I saw was Herbie Goes Bananas. I was twelve years old, and I had loved the other Herbie movies. Then, suddenly, the magic was gone. That movie sucked harder than anything with “bananas” in the title can suck and retain any modicum of modesty.

I’m not saying that Herbie: Fully Loaded will float my boat. I’m 37 years old, and know a kids’ movie when I see the trailer for one. And that’s just it — this movie will THRILL my kids. Link giggled throughout the trailer. Patches wants to see the silly car. They’ll all enjoy it, and that… THAT is what brought tears to my eyes. There’s a very, very good chance that one of the magical things from my own childhood will get new life in time for my kids.

Granted, it’ll probably be followed up with “Herbie: Fully Loaded With Bananas.” Or “Herbie: Attack of the Clones.”


16 thoughts on “The Herbie Trailer made me cry”

  1. Well, anything is an improvement from that WWoD tv-movie that starred Bruce Campbell (I saw Herbie Goes Banannas in the theater too, and all I remember is being bored to tears). This looks like good clean fun, anyway, though I’m not sure I like Herbie having a ‘face’ so to speak. How many VW’s have retracting headlamps anyway?

    1. I just watched that trailer today, and I said to myself, “Self, I don’t like the look of this. The headlight-cover-eyelids and smiling bumber are too cheesy in my book, but this is EXACTLY how they would have done the orignial, if they had done the original today.”

      I’m just not a big fan of revivals. Redo’s, yes. Of course, Inspector Gadget (the first one) was pretty good (except for the car). Maybe I just don’t like the over-animated cars. The original Herbie only moved the way a car can move (granting license for the wheelies and bouncing). It never winked at anyone.

      Yeah, I’ll take my kids to see it, and they’ll love it.

  2. I viewed the trailer and *I* was giggling throughout the trailer. I don’t have any of the Love Bug movies on tape or DVD, just happy memories of the originals. This looks pretty true to those movies in spirit.

    Yeah, I’ll see it. My inner child will love it.

    (I mean, Herbie. In NASCAR. I gotta see it just for the visuals.)

  3. The first Herbie movie I saw in theaters was “Herbie Rides Again”, which I think was the sequel to “The Love Bug”. I don’t have kids, but I will probably check this movie out due to shear nostalgia. 🙂

  4. Aww, I remember the Love Bug — we loved it as kids! That was our first family car — a dark blue bug. My sister and I named it (of course!) Herbie. 😉

  5. I loved the herbie movies. I will have to go back and watch the first ones now with my kids.
    Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I did.

    1. No, the little latino boy added up 5 and 3 and called Herbie “Ocho”.

      That, and Herbie floating on water, and Herbie gathering up all the other love bugs, are the only 3 memories I have of those films. I’ve gone and added the first two to my NetFlix queue.

      1. Update: couldn’t get my two-year old interested in Herbie, nor could I see why they would’ve made a sequel to it. I sent them back, one unfinished, the other unstarted.

        Now you know what WOULD be entertaining? “Herbie Vs. Kitt.”

        Or “Herbie & that dune buggy from the old Saturday morning cartoon, you know the one with the eyes Vs. Kitt”.

        Or “Herbie, Kitt, Dunebuggy, and Optimus Prime vs. Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang.”

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