Pizza Hut Online… it works

Well, I tried the thing, and I don’t know why I was expecting the pies to somehow be BETTER than if I’d called them in using that whatchamacallit… telephone. After all, it’s just pizza. They got my order right, and the food was fine. I mean, it was Pizza Hut food, which you may or may not be down with. Me, I like it, but I know my limits. That pan-pizza crust is like crack. Sandra practically had to push me out of the room to keep me from goldfishing on it. You could top it with poopsauce, limberger, and sardines, and I’d still eat it up.


ps. No I wouldn’t.

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  1. I ptry to get pizza hut only a couple times a year because of that. I had never heard goldfish used as a verb before. Brilliant man, just brilliant. There is a reason that I only ever buy the smallest bags of gold fish. I haven’t noticed that the super mega family bag lasts enough longer to make it worth it (especially since that’s a lot of calories of goldfish to dissapear over two or three days.)

    1. Actually, when I use the verb “goldfishing” it has nothing to do with the irresistable cheddar snacks, but with the fact that goldfish will keep eating until they’re too big for their tank. It amuses me that the verb works on both levels — your meaning was new to me, but it works too.

      1. oh… yeah that makes sense too. I’ve been keepin aquaria for most of my life, and should have thought of that meaning. Of course, I haven’t actually owned a goldfish in more than a decade (too hard to keep the tanks clean, and I like a distinctly low maitenence set up) but that was a problem with the ones I did have.

  2. I used to like Pizza Hut’s pan crust…. ’til I worked there and got to spend hours each shift pumping oil into the deep dish pans for the dough to soak up (3 cups for a large). 🙁 Handtossed for me now, if I ever eat there again.

    1. Oh I know what goes into it. Fats make for great flavor.

      The sausage gravy I made this morning had at least two cups of fat in it that I did NOT drain. 🙂


      1. I used to work at a Pizza Hut too. Health or lack thereof aside, the “have ready by x-o’clock” feature was always annoying, since it was rarely used and therefore buried in the small print at the end of a long form. But hey, our crews (sorry, “Pizza Hut team members”) were, and presumably still are, competent, so more power to you. Maybe they’ve changed the way the computers work since 2000, thanks to Internet ordering.

        Going back to health, well… mmm. Fat ‘n grease. Hey, I’m not old enough for my iron stomach to have rusted yet. I suppose the organ I SHOULD be worried about is my heart, but hey, that’s still a ways down the road.

  3. and \\pizza

    Scarey thing being…EverQuestII has recently installed a /pizza command. This pops a window allowing you to order from ingame without having to tab out.

    It’s an idea i wonder no-one thought of sooner.

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