I got a five-star-hot masaman curry yesterday with chalain. Between the two of us we ordered enough to bring HOME enough that my HALF of the doggie-bag was two meals’ worth.

I ate those two meals’ worth for breakfast and lunch today.

It’s like this, folks. A pepper EXTRACT (straight-up capsaicin) is going to be hotter on the mouth than any authentic curry can hope to be. I figure that since I can handle the extracts, the curry shouldn’t give me grief. Well, the curry is more of a “slow burn” thing. The pepper bits light a good fire in your mouth, sure. But then they KEEP burning, because your body (well, MY body… YOU are smart enough not to eat this crap) continues to break them down as they pass through.

My stomach has been burning ALL DAY. And my mouth has been saying “that’s good stuff. Let’s have MORE.” I had curry for breakfast, I had curry for lunch, and for dinner I decided maybe I’d better have some nice toast and a glass of gatorade.

10 thoughts on “Owww…”

  1. Somebody once commented upon the fact that you’re eating weapons grade ingredients, and “pain” is not a flavor.

    Sage advice. 🙂

  2. *cackles*

    Yes, although straight up Capsaicin can sit in your stomach and give you a rather off feeling.
    Somehow…thankfully…it doesn’t burn on the way out…

    1. You’re kidding, right? I know I’VE felt butt-burning after spicy food. FIRE IN THE HOLE, I want to cry aloud, but don’t, because I’m alone in the bathroom.

  3. I did the two curry dishes in one day thing, once. My wife called me an idiot and wouldn’t give me a kiss. Later, while on the can, she tried to come into the bathroom, but started gagging. I heard her a couple minutes later from the opposite wall (she’d gone into the living room) beating on the wall and yelling, “Spray! Spray!”

    Yeah. Good times.

    I’ve since been forbidden to go on curry binges like that. Apparently she’s not sure our marriage is strong enough to handle that.

  4. “…(well, MY body… YOU are smart enough not to eat this crap)…”

    No. No, I’m really not. Dave’s, Rocket Fuel, Wasabi, Yucutan Sunshine… oh, yeah.

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