And now, I need to get my game on

Enough with the morning ritual of reading the news, blogging, and puttering about the web. Sure, this ritual is critical for me as a writer, because I need to stay at least marginally “in touch” with the world, and I don’t watch television so I’m certainly OUT of touch in plenty of regards. BUT… the buffer is 8 inked, 1 colored. I have 7 strips to color, another 7 to pencil and ink, and a whole Schlockiverse worth of scripting to do.

Quit pestering me! I’m busy! This is YOUR fault you know!

–Howard “I learned that trick from a French defense attorney” Tayler

10 thoughts on “And now, I need to get my game on”

  1. Actually

    Our fault?

    We’re not the one who created such loveable characters and beloved plot lines with that military humor we’ve come to know and love.

    So the actual burden of causality lies in your hands… literally.


      1. Re: Actually

        Next you will be saying it is our fault since we are paying you, or at least increasing you fame and allowing you to fine paying work therefore enabeling you to do it. Soon it will also be the fault of the people who make the markers you use… after all, if they diddn’t exist, you could obviously not create stuff!

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