5 thoughts on “iTunes Pepsi thingy?”

  1. I had a great scam going on the last time they did this. I work at Circle K, and we had those bottles on a deal for two-for-two dollars. So I just went back into the cooler and spent some time tilting the bottles in just the right way as to see if the caps were winners or not. I sorted a bunch of them out and loaded up.

    So depending on which way you look at it, I either got free sodas or free songs, since either cost a buck anyway. Sadly, our Pepsi prices have risen in the past year, so no more scamming for John.

  2. it’s the ones with the yellow caps that are part of the promotion… it should be all pepsi products because i believe the vanilla pepsi over here are part of the promotion as well

  3. pepsi

    Another possibility: depends on whether that particular bottle of Pepsi was capped before or after the promotion began. They have lotsa shelf-life and there may be many pre-promotion bottles still in distribution. Go to a farmer’s market and get them fresh from the tree!
    – another Schlock fan

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