It’s the thought that counts, I guess…

I ran a couple of errands this evening — new URL cards for (they’re slick — 600 of them feature some fresh artwork you’ve never seen before, 200 have a shiny Tagon Silhouette logo, and 200 have a plasgun logo similar to the one on the navigation buttons) and cough-drops. Well, at Albertsons, where I was picking up the cough-drops, there were five guys in line at the express checkout, and all five of them had the identical “on sale” plastic-wrapped roses in one hand, and heart-shaped-box-of-chocolates in the other hand.

“Honey, you shouldn’t have.”

I wish I’d had a camera. I did a double-take when I saw these guys in line. They were as different demographically as you can get in Utah county: an old white guy, two hispanic men, a teenage-looking guy, and a yuppie… the only thing linking them was “I’m coming home from work, and I still haven’t done anything for Her for Valentine’s Day.”


7 thoughts on “It’s the thought that counts, I guess…”

  1. That was me, too. In line.

    Don’t know which demographic I’d get shuttled under. Probably something between yuppie and grunge.

    Sometimes it’s difficult.

    Going out for indian food, I hope–we sort of agreed not to have a Valentine’s Day, but I think something little will be appreciated. Here’s to hoping. Erm. So I dropped off the flower at the restaurant we go to, to be delivered with the food.

    It sounded better before I was half-way through with it. ((haven’t verified that she’ll be up to going out)). A gamble, I suppose.

    Tra la.

    1. Hope it went well.

      I took a 45 min detour on the way home to go by the best Chinese Takeout place in chicagoland. We used to eat their all the time, but our travels have changed and we don’t ever end up near there anymore, and my wife misses it… so I went and picked up a couple Large orders and brought them home. 🙂


  2. Me too…

    I was not in line but I did have flowers delivered and took Chris out for a meal.
    Hows this for romantic, Chris and I have a favorite restaurant (Justos) and it is usually closed on a Monday evening, Well our wedding anniversary fell on a Monday, I said to Chris we were going to Justos, she looked puzzled as she knew Justos was closed, I drove towards Justos, pulled up outside, she saw lights on and again looked puzzled, we went in, it was empty, Christine did not know that I had Justo open just for Chris and I, we got excellent service that night.

    At the end of the night Chris said, “Who do you think you are? Tom Cruise” 🙂

    It would have been cheaper to stand in line for chocs and a single red rose….

  3. Yes, it would have made a great photo.
    Reminds me of standing at the checkout at Kmart last winter, when I was one of seven women in a row with black coats.

  4. I ordered FTD, as Kristie is in Detroit, and I’m in Houston.

    They delivered not only on time, but early.

    (Yeah, like I’m going to give chocolates to someone I love)


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