A silly comment from this morning… I made deep-fried sourdough french toast with a side of sausage. As I was prepping my plate I commented to Sandra:

“It seems a little dangerous to put butter on something I just deep-fried.”

Then I put butter on it. It was really, REALLY good.


13 thoughts on “Breakfast…”

    1. You are the king of the apropo. Thank you. I may be making more of this stuff for breakfast, and having the right quote with which to deliver breakfast to myself is more important than most people might think.

  1. Unrelated, but I just flipped to the beginning of the archives again and just have to complement you on how much you’ve grown as an artist Howard.

  2. Butter makes /almost/ anything better. Best breakfast I ever had was something called an “Ulster fry.” A heart attack on a plate, but ooooooooooooooh so good.

  3. Here in Indonesia, they have a thing called roti bakar. To make this, you cut slices into bread but not all the way through, and into these slices, you put your topping, usually chocolate or peanut butter. You then douse this in sweetened condensed milk, close it up, open it the other way (no, I don’t know how they do this, I guess it’s two slices on one side and one on the other in the middle, with only the two on one side having topping). Okay, so then they butter it, and fry it. It would probably cost about 25c American, but I’m estimating a bit high maybe.

    But yes, the healthiest dish here is smothered in peanut sauce.

  4. Out of curiosity, what kind of deep fryer do you have? I’ve been looking into getting one lately, and am at the point where I’m collecting personal data regarding them.

    1. I fried these in a pot full of oil on the stove. Gas stove. Yes, hot oil plus open flame. I live on the edge.

      That said, I have had both a Fry Daddy and a Gran Pappy. They work fine, but the lids always end up cracking with age.

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