Well, as of last count, some four hundred and one of you LJ users have added my personal ramblings to your “Friends” pages.

That hissing sound is me bleeding off the pressure I feel to be funny all the time. I’m not going to tell you which orifice I’m using, but I will point out that if fart jokes are funny all the time, this matter has the potential to stabilize in a stinky sort of equilibrium.

Goodnight. I’m off to dance the insomniata elsewhere.

19 thoughts on “401”

  1. Don’t feel you have to be funny on *our* account. Of course, if I ever cease to get my daily dose of *BLAM* I may have to wreak some real-world havoc, but that’s not *your* problem. (Unless you happen to be visiting South Africa at the time…)

    1. Agreed.

      Between the writing and art of your comic and your open letters, I found myself wanting to know more about the person behind the strip. When I see talent, I like to learn more about where that talent comes from. I think that’s probably part of the reason why I gravitate toward other artists and writers, no matter what the medium.

  2. Fart jokes are always, always funny. Especially when they make you laugh so hard that you fart.

    Believe it or not, I don’t just read you for the funny; it started with that, because I’m a Schlock reader, but it’s grown to be that I’m also intrigued by your family, your thoughts on your kids, and just seeing someone deal with the life changes you’ve deliberately taken on yourself… it’s fascinating and inspiring.

    Plus, fart jokes. Bonus.

  3. My count is also very high, and yet for some reason I don’t seem to be able to stop acting like a bratty, sleep-deprived six-year-old in front of them. I bow to you. :>

  4. Impressive numbers there. Don’t worry about funny/not funny here. That’s what the comic is for. 🙂

    you have about 14 friends for every one you are watching…

    Mine would be closer to 0.5.

  5. People read you for funny? Hell, I like the sci-fi you throw into your stories. Ok, I also liked Pollota’s and Foglio’s Illegal Aliens but that’s just me. Just don’t ever do a comic about a time traveling movie studio, though. That would be too much.

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