Just yesterday I was talking about how the new lifestyle seems to be so much healthier for me than my old one.

This morning I woke to that scratchy, post-nasal-drip feeling that says “you need Vitamin C NOW,” and had chills all morning until we turned the heat up. Since my office is the warmest part of the house anyway (the addition of waste heat from the CPU, printer, and monitors in a small space is what does it) we knew something was wrong.

Oh, and I haven’t been able to get anything done. Fuzzy in the head, kind of. I mean, I can write THIS, but it’s not going to be clever, or funny, or anything. Just a journal entry.

I took a 90-minute nap and felt a little better. I’m packing the Vitamin C every hour. I’m taking it easy.


Working for yourself means nobody pays you when you’re sick. I WILL get better tomorrow, out of sheer economic necessity and force of will.


13 thoughts on “Sick…”

  1. Hope you feel beter soon. **hugs**

    And please, please, don’t pass it on to the rest of your family. I don’t think Sandra would appreciate it 😉

  2. Lemons and honey sir, lemons and honey.
    Juice 3 lemons, add hot water for quantity and stir in honey until you can drink it without terminal puckering.
    And Get Well Soon.

    1. Also, the body can’t really do anything with Vitamin C beyond a certain dose. Most of the extra just gets flushed out anyways, at least in the case of a major dose intended to knock out a cold. Moderate amounts over several hours works pretty well though.

  3. It might be the alcohol, but…

    Half Galon of OJ (the realy pulpy stuff) and half a bottle of NiQuil. Take a nap, because you won’t be going anywhere for a while. I’ve staved off countless colds with that tactic, but now I think it might just be using the OJ as a vitamin C flush (and “flush” is a very operative word there!) and kicking out the cold quickly. I’ve never really trusted vitamin supliments because your body can’t use pharmasutical quality nutrients. Over 80% of it goes to waste because it’s too pure.

    Anyway, good luck. Take care. Abuse you home Teachers and all that. That’s what they’re for.

  4. I’m just on the falling edge of a cold myself. The first night I took nyquil 3 times and slept 16 hours (with short breaks between naps for more nyquil.) I took Vitamin C but only once in the morning. I suppose I should have spread it out over the day instead.

    This would be day 6? ugh.

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