Stupid Robber Caught On Tape

My brother sent me this 550k animated GIF, which is footage from a convenience store security camera somewhere in (I think) Southeast Asia. If there’s cake to be had anywhere, this guy takes it.

Check this out…

Can’t make out what’s happening? This robber comes in with a hoody and gloves, and reaches into his hooded sweats to grab his gun… and fumbles it right onto the counter in front of the attendant. The attendant then picks it up and points it at him, at which point the robber runs away.

I’m still giggling.


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    1. Yeah, it was called Randym Thoughts. Do NOT go to the relevant .com, however, unless you’re into … adult entertainment.

      He still has a home page, it looks like, but mostly I think he’s given up on doing a comic for the time being.

      I do wish he had his archives up somewhere though.

      Howard, this is your cue to tell us where they’re up at 😉

      1. Looking at the file frame-by-frame, there are a couple of odd things:

        1) The attendant picks the weapon up with his right hand, and then passes it to his LEFT.
        2) At the end of the transfer, it looks like he may be flipping some sort of a safety with his right thumb.

        If he IS, in fact, flipping a safety, then we know two things:
        1) The video is mirror-flipped. All the switches and things on semiautomatic pistols are on the left side… out of reach of his right thumb.
        2) The clerk is very well trained in the use of that particular weapon. His movement is very, very fluid once he secures it in his left (no, RIGHT) hand.

        I suspect, therefore, that what we have is NOT a mirror-flipped video of a firearm-proficient convenience-store clerk. He fumbled the weapon into his left hand because that’s the hand furthest away from the perp, and the motion of his right hand is just him brushing his hand along the weapon to ensure it’s solidly in his left hand.

        Kudos to the clerk, regardless. Whether or not he’s firearm-proficient, he’s certainly cool-headed enough to take care of the situation.


        1. Looks to me like he’s reaching over the barrel with his thumb.

          Personally I’d be holding it in my left; I can’t aim for crap when I try to do right-hand-dominant stuff.


        2. There are some semiauto pistols with ambidextrous controls, and they can be retrofitted to most 1911-style pistols fairly easily.

          I think the guy’s just left-handed, and not quite sure of what he’s doing, since it’s unlikely that a convenience store clerk in an Asian country would be proficient with handguns…although that’s not certain. The guy could have been a soldier once, and now is the *owner* of the store.

        3. I didn’t go frame by frame

          but it looks to me like the slide got jacked when it hit the countertop. When the attendant picks up the pistol, he appears to do so a good 3-4 inches *behind* the handle. And when he switches over, he appears to be releasing the catch and letting the slide recover, thereby cocking the pistol.

          just my humble opinion, though – I could be wrong

          1. Re: I didn’t go frame by frame

            $DEITY, I hope the slide didn’t get racked by hitting the countertop – because that means there’s no, or only a very weak, recoil spring, and the weapon is likely to misfire, fail to go fully into battery, or any of a bunch of other malfunctions.

    1. Well, please don’t pull it from the website if you do. 🙂

      My advice… crop it to just the frame where the gun is airborne between the two of them.


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