16 thoughts on “Nativity, 2004”

  1. Haha, nice. And so true… though as a lifelong agnostic, Christmas holds an entirely different meaning for me… maybe we just need a new “Giftmas” holiday or something.

    Gonna try your new coloring skills on it?

    1. The “rounded-right-triangle eyes” are common to a lot of my characters. Mostly I’m happy that Mary looks like I drew her — I didn’t model her after anyone in particular. Mostly I was shooting for an exaggerated “young bride” look to emphasize both her innocence and her dismay at being mistreated by Santa.

      Lt. Foxworthy has some similar features, and for some of the same reasons, but the resemblance is otherwise coincidental.


        1. Let’s see…

          Mary looks like Elf and the donkey looks like a zoo-jack cat monkey. Could this be a Book II reference?
          But no, it’s not, because Joseph in no way resembles Schlock or Kerchak. Oh well. At least Santa looks like Xinchub.

  2. Since Howard is going crazy about the Santa Clausing of Christmas (something for which I do not blame him, really) I thought I’d offer two bits from my friend who is studying in Vietnam. One will no doubt please him, while the other will no doubt make him scream.

    1. The Vietnamese term for Christmas–Giang Sinh–apparently means “Birth from Above.” Kinda cool.

    2. So she tells this story she heard where a non-Christian Vietnamese man goes up to a Christian pastor and wants to know “how many reindeer does Santa have?” Because he sees people with those rooftop scenes, and sometimes Santa has five, or six, or three, or four, or whatever. Even on American Chirstmas cards, Santa’s shown with different numbers.
    And the pastor wants to know, “Why are you asking me, a pastor?”
    The man’s reply: “Well, it’s a Christian holiday, isn’t it?”
    Commercialism strikes again.

  3. Just remember…

    … you just need to move ONE letter to transform SANTA into SATAN!

    “Chipmunks roasting on an open fire
    Jack Frost ripping off your nose…
    Though we could die
    Any time, many ways
    Merry Christm — what’s that noise??”
    — The Stephen King Christmas Carol

  4. Why the cow?

    Nice line, but the ass looks like a cow…

    No, not the Father Chrismas, the animal. By the way, is Father Christmas wearing trousers? is this some kind of Utah thing?



  5. It appears that you and John Trever of the Albuquerque Journal were thinking along similar lines a few days ago. His (as of this writing) most recent cartoon, dated December 21, 2004 (it can be viewed here — users may have to back up a cartoon or two if he does any more this year.

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