By way of clarification…

I’d like to take a moment to clarify something, lest anyone get absolutely the wrong idea about the Church I attend, per this rant. You see, in the media these days (and the blogosphere is “media”) we focus a lot on the negative because it is NEWS. The positive, the stuff that happens right, and regularly, goes without mention.

The sabbath-day sacrament services I attend each week never leave any doubt as to who we worship and why. Christ is always at the center of things. Yes, it’s unconscionable that even an ancillary, social activity could take place in which that focus is lost, and yes, I’ll be speaking to the Bishopric about it (though I’d be surprised if they weren’t as taken aback as I was), but no, this isn’t a typical sort of thing. And in years past they’ve really floored me with retellings of the Christmas story, but I wasn’t blogging back then.

Just so we’re clear on it. I’m positive that this evening’s event was an aberration that will be gently and lovingly corrected, and my earlier temper tantrum (what you guys read was me holding WAAAAY back) had enough self-righteous hubris in it to fuel the entire Moral Majority for… okay, I’ll be conservative (rimshot)… fifteen or twenty seconds. I’m just glad I didn’t pick up the phone and start talking to people.


5 thoughts on “By way of clarification…”

  1. *nods*

    I could feel the rage in the post – and it was clear that this event was a huge aberation. You did well – presented everything calmly and concisely.

    1. Re: *nods*

      I think westyx sums things up pretty well. Unfortunately though I don’t think I would have had the same restraint, and I probably would have been on the phone.
      **edited for pointless rambling** 😉

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