A useful LJ meme

Here’s a useful LJ meme:

Identify one goal that you’ve had, and that you’ve not been able to reach in the past.

State WHY you don’t think you’ve reached it.

Here’s mine: I’ve been meaning to drop my body fat percentage to the low teens for about 6 years. I’ve made very careful plans that include nutrition and exercise schedules. Today my body fat percentage stands at 24%, which is too high by about 10%, or (on me) close to 20 pounds.

Why haven’t I reached it? Because the goal was set ABOVE that which I was willing to settle for, and I’ve consistently compromised and settled for much less. Usually this happens because other things (earning money, goofing off, cartooning, spending time with the family, eating foods I love) have been prioritized ABOVE the elements of nutrition and exercise.

This meme isn’t about coming up with a solution to the problem. It’s about IDENTIFYING the problem. That said, I’m well on my way to solving the problem above — I deprioritized some activities, and have regular exercise and appropriate eating back on my schedule. The 24% figure above likely represents a DROP of at least 4%.


9 thoughts on “A useful LJ meme”

  1. Diets. Exercise. Whew. I found something recently that helped me with my weight problem: BIGGER PANTS.

    (When the ELASTIC breaks on your underwear… I’m saying, when you push some poor fibers who are DESIGNED TO STRETCH all the way to their breaking point and beyond… that’s when you need to reconsider your waist size.)

  2. Where do you go to measure body fat? What technique?

    I have lost 30 pounds or more 5 times in my life. I have no problem losing weight, keeping it off is the problem.

    I am currently dieting. I have lost 10 pounds so far.

    1. This last time I got a fitness appraisal at Gold’s Gym, and they had an electrostatic/electropotential thingy you grip with both hands.

      In the past I’ve used caliper measurements or special stand-on-me-barefooted scales.


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